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Friday, March 6, 2009

Kings and Chronicles & Newsboys

In my daily Bible reading I am plodding along through Kings and Chronicles. I just finished 2nd Kings and I am about to start 1st Chronicles, which is basically a recap of Kings.

I really shouldn't say plodding, it makes it sound like these books are boring. They are not boring at all. In fact several of my favorite Bible stories come from these books.

The story of Naaman the leaper general of Syria.; the chariots of fire taking Elisha to Heaven; the 2 bears killing the 42 kids because they called the Prophet of God a "bald head"; The Angel of Lord killing thousands of Sennacharib's soldiers during the night; Josiah finding the Word of the Lord while restoring the temple and rededicating his life to the God of Israel.

All these stories are great stories; however, I get very sad when I read about the kings of Israel and Judah turn, time and again, away from the Lord their God.

It is much like going to "church" every Sunday. We celebrate the victories God works in people's lives and we mourn or get angry when we hear of those who have turned away from our Lord, Jesus. Imagine that!

Tonight, my family and I are going to watch The Newsboys in concert! I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My First Snowcone of 2009!

We have a local snowcone stand that is just a couple of blocks away from our home in Longview. They make the 2nd best snowcones that I have ever had. (The first is Cajun' Cones in Abilene, TX) This snowcone place has become a Spring/Summer tradition. Because of the early warm weather, it has opened early this year. My daughter Rachel always gets the flavor "Silver Fox." While that is a tasty flavor, I tend to go for several flavors. My favorites are Butter Cream w/Cream, Strawberry w/Cream, Georgia Peach w/Cream or Blueberry w/Cream. Notice I like my snowcones w/ Cream. My boy Caleb likes the sour flavors such as Lemon-Lime, or some other bitter flavor that makes my mouth pucker up. Jamie tends to stick to the traditional flavors such as Blue Coconut or Strawberry. Sometimes she will try something new.

Today I tried Strawberry-Banana w/Cream. It was yummy, but it has upset my tummy! I might have to wait a few days before my next cone.

Just one more sign that Spring has arrived in East Texas. The Robins have been singing for a while and now the Snowcone place is open! Hurrah!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Am Iron Man!

To read this blog go to http://penguinsandladybugs-allrolledintoone.blogspot.com/2009/03/i-am-iron-man.html

Thinking I was posting on my blog, I accidentally posted on Jamie's blog. So go there to read my latest blog.
I couldn't cut and paste it so I'm leaving it there!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Nothing to Blog About

It seems that I am having trouble coming up with something to blog about recently. I don't want to create another list and I don't want to blog just because; even if this is what this blog is about.

I could blog about the economy and our government's efforts to handle the current economic crisis, but do people really want to read about how I think our governent is moving towards Socialism very rapidly by taking over the business of America, or hear me complain that our government is giving my tax dollars to a bunch of idiots who cannot run a business.

I could blog about the kids, but other than the average run-of-the-mill days, not much is going on with them.

I could blog about my wife, Jamie. I could alsways say something nice about her!

I could blog about my pets. The dog still poops on my daughter's floor at night, despite best efforts to stop him, and the cat thinks he is the boss of the house.

I could blog about the Texas Rangers and the upcoming baseball season. I might do that tomorrow!

I could blog about what I'm reading in the Bible. God's word is always powerful, but I don't get many comments when I blog about my Bible Reading. Hmmmm!

There is always dumb stuff in the news! I could blog again about what I do at work, but I've already done that!

Hey guess what? I blogged today after all. I promise to have more meaningful blogs the next 4 days! Get ready for 4 good ones in a row starting tomorrow! I promise.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Accepting a Challenge From Big Doofus

Thanks to my blog friend Big Doofus, I have been busy the past few days. After my last blog, (which was not a list by the way), Big Doofus issued this challenge to me... "I know that lists are your weakness...so I challenge you to make a LIST OF THE LISTS YOU'VE MADE IN THE PAST YEAR ON YOUR BLOG. You can't resist it. It's in your DNA. Oh, and I want links."

Well I accept your challenge and here is the list, you big meanie! Just kidding.

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