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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marriage Partners for Life

Jamie and I are now trained facilitators of two highly effective marriage education courses; Dynamic Marriages and Prepare & Enrich! We can also teach other marriage curriculums as well, but we don't have to be "certified" to teach them.

Jamie and I are dedicated to helping save and protect marriages in our community. God saved our marriage several years ago and we plan on doing our best to help save other marriages as well. We hope to start a marriage specific ministry at our church, where we teach others important skills that they need to keep their marriages strong or get new and future marriages off to a great start.

Divorces happen in our nation at a rate of once every 45 seconds. The "Enemy" is out there and he is out to destroy us one marriage at a time. We hope to thwart him whenever possible.

That being said, pray for our marriage as well. We can not help others if our marriage is not strong itself. Satan will definitely try to take us down.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Son, Caleb!

14 Years ago today, I became a Father! I was holding a little alien looking kid, who had just peed on himself. 

Now, I am the proud father of a brilliant young man, who makes me happy every day. He gets good grades and loves his God. He watches James Bond with me, and he even makes  his own weird videos to send to his cousins, (as the picture shows).

I love you Caleb! -- Dad