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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Be Aware of the "Church of Oprah"

Apparently Oprah Winfrey has started her own religion, or if not, she is deliberately leading people away from the ONE TRUE GOD and the ONE TRUE CHRIST!

For a video about this, watch this You-Tube video called "The Church of Opera Exposed!". In this video you hear Oprah herself deny the divinity of Jesus! This video is also featured on God-Tube (One Word Church and Oprah Winfrey -- 666).
For a sample recruitment video for Oprah's new age religious movement, watch this .... O, The Oprah Religion Recruitment Video # 1.

In this Larry King interview with Oprah, you hear Oprah talking about the book that started all of this for her... It is the book called...The Secret, which apparently has been made into a movie and has its own web-site. For more info about the book, "The Secret" (click here).

There is also another book that Oprah credits for her "new found" religious ideas. It is called...A New Earth. She has publicly featured this book in her book club.

Snopes.com addresses this issue in this article about Oprah and new age religions.
Please check out these resources for yourself and pass the word on to those who still think Oprah is such a great person! I would also boycott the Oprah Show.

In the meantime, pray for Oprah and her mixed-up followers. After all she is still a child of God. She is just very confused!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Interesting Dream

I had a very interesting dream last night. I think it is very symbolic in some sort of way.

I dreamed that one morning I woke up and sitting outside in my back yard was a desk. It looked like an plain old normal teacher's desk like you would see at school. At first I thought someone had just dropped off the desk in my yard, until I realized that my back yard does not face the street and it is fenced in. As I walked outside to try and figure out how to move the desk to the front yard so the city could come dispose of it, I heard a voice telling me to take the desk apart. Startled by the voice, I asked, "Who's there?" The voice once again gently, yet firm, to take the desk apart. A drawer on the desk was slightly open and when I looked inside there was a set of screwdrivers. "Take the desk apart!", the voice said again. At this point I figured it must be God talking to me, so I took the desk apart. It took me all day to do it because some of the screws were very tight and unusually long. When I finished taking the desk apart it was near evening, so I stacked up the pieces and left them on my back patio.

The next morning the desk was there again, put back together. Except this was a slightly different desk. It was a little nicer looking, yet smaller. Once again, God told me, to take the desk apart. I told Him, I had things to do, and God, firmly said, "You need to take the desk apart!" Not wanting to argue with God, I started to take the desk apart. Once again it took me all day. There were a lot of screws in a desk so small. This time I bagged up the parts in a trash bag to throw away in the morning.

The next morning, another desk was out in the yard. This time it was a nice wooden desk, firmly built, with a new computer sitting on top of the desk. God asked me to bring the family out to look at the desk. This time my wife heard the voice. She and I both agreed it sounded a little like Russel Crowe. ??? Anyway we brought the kids out to see the desk. They thought it was "awesome". After looking at the new desk for a while, we turned around and saw something else. Our home was like new. It looked like it had been remodeled and it had fresh paint and a new roof. The inside was also fixed up with new furniture. Then Jamie (my wife) and I heard God say, "If you trust in me, I will make all things new, even when it seems like I want you to destroy what you have!"

So what do you think? What does this mean? I first thought of my jobs. Since I am a teacher by trade, I thought of the desks as symbolic of my teaching jobs. The first desk, my old job in Gilmer. The second my current job at Kilgore College. The third desk, I have no idea. If you factor in the computer, I thought of the new home based business my wife and I are thinking about starting. You do need a desk for a computer right? Besides my wife finally heard God's voice with the third desk. Maybe God is setting us up for something new and better than what we have now, if we only follow his leading? Hmmm!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Blood Pressure Update & Zoo Trip

After talking to the Doctor on Friday, I am now on a temporary BP medication until I see my regular doctor on Wednesday. So far the new medication is working. I have an extremely dry mouth, but my BP was 140/92 when I arrived at work this morning. So maybe things are getting better.

My family went to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, TX on Sunday afternoon. We took many pictures (See below for a few of them) during the trip. We had a great time together as a family. The only disappointment was that the Cheetahs (my son's favorite animal) were apparently napping or hiding out of site, so we didn't get to see any of them. We may have to make a return trip later in the summer.
Caleb and Rachel Feeding the Birds at the Caldwell Zoo