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Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's Also Tough Being a 5th Grader

Today it was my daughter's turn to come home with some of the same age old problems many of us have faced in our school days, ohhh, so long ago! My daughter's problem is that one of her best friends has made some new friends, and is starting to drift away from my little girl. According to my daughter, "She is acting like she may not want to be my friend anymore." Once again my heart goes out to one of my children. We have told her she is also making new friends and that sometimes during the next few years or so, that friends can change often. It's tough being a 5th Grader and having to deal with the ever changing moods and emotions of young ladies that age. And when friends come and go during those years, it can be very hard on a young girl's emotions. We encourage her and remind her that God is always there with her, no matter what her friend decides to do. My little girl, is growing into a big girl, and I love her very much. I hate to see her heart break. To bad this has to be a part of growing up.

It's Tough Being a 7th Grader

Yesterday my son came to us (parents), about problems he was having at school. It was the same age old questions, that we had to face when we were in 7th Grade, ohh those many years ago. He wanted to know what to do when, "it seems all the other kids at school are cussing and telling dirty jokes, and he doesn't want to?" He said he, "feels like he needs to cuss in order to keep his friends or to keep from being made fun of." I asked him if he cussed and he said no, but he just doesn't know what to do. He also said kids are always getting into fights and they call people names like, "gay, fag, wussy", and other names.

What do you say? My wife and I gave him the standard answers of just try to ignore the jokes, the cussing and the name calling as much as you can. If you ignored it, they would probably stop doing those things around you, because they know you would ignore it anyway. If the name calling really bothers you, you could always tell a teacher, (we know how that works), and maybe they can help. We told him to talk to his closest friends and tell them how you feel and maybe they will respect your views and not do those behaviors around you. He said they weren't trying to fight him, but I told him if he ever has to defend himself, I would not be made if he got in trouble for fighting; just never start the fight.

We also told him that the best thing to do was just pray for you enemies and you friends. Give your problem to God! Pray that your friends will respect you, and if they don't and you feel it is necessary, be prepared to give up a friend or two. Pray that your enemies will not torment you or try to fight you. Pray that God gives you the strength to do what is right, despite the temptation to give in to pressures, just to avoid persecution.

Later in the day we went to Wednesday Evening classes at our church. I was talking to the Youth Minister about my son's problems. He told me, that my son was so very blessed to at least have a Father to talk to about his problems. Some kids do not have anyone to talk to. They have no one to guide them. He told me, "You will not always have the answers, but you are pointing him to someone who does, that it is Heavenly Father." Then in told me, "You can always tell him to just punch the kid in the stomach really hard, and run away really fast. It's good practice for joining the track team." -- He meant that as a joke!!

It's not easy being a 7th Grader in today's schools, much less a 7th Grader with values and a respect for their God. No answer seems to solve the problems my son faces, but I do know that his mother and both his fathers, me and his God, will be there for him if he needs us. That is what matters the most!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Missing My Bride

After spending a great weekend with my wife on the 15th & 16th of this month, I have been forced to spend this past weekend and two days this week without her. This past Friday and Saturday night she was in Dallas with some friends at a Scrapbook Workshop. I was glad she got to spend some time with friends and catch up on our family scrapbooks, but I missed her a lot. She came home Sunday in time to spend the night with the family in one of our "camp outs." Then Monday she left for a business meeting in Austin. She will be back late Wednesday night. That is four nights without my bride by my side. I realize "stuff" happens and sometimes we have to spend some time apart, but I miss being able to roll over in the night and put my arms around her, or reach over with my feet, just to know she is there. I am sure she is not missing my snoring much though. Ha! She does tell me she has trouble sleeping, when she is away from me as well, so I'm sure she feels the same lonely feelings as I do. I miss you Honey! Come home safe and soon.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Family Camp Outs With a Twist

Since my wife is afraid of "critters" outside and we lack a tent to sleep in, my family and I have come up with a unique way to do our family camp outs. Every Friday the 13th or other special occasions, we drag our kids' mattresses and the 2 spare mattresses into the living room and we all sleep on the floor together. We each have our own mattress so we don't cross any personal boundaries. We dig our some extra sheets for the spare mattresses, cook some pop-corn, read some books together and then normally end by watching a movie together as a family. The dog loves this, as he can choose who he wants to sleep with. It is a special time for the family. We get the feeling of a camp out, without camping or being outside!?! I think? Anyway, it is a lot of fun.