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Friday, April 20, 2012

Jimmy Buffett - Live in Concert!

Last night my beautiful, Jamie, and I went to see Jimmy Buffett live in concert!

I became a "Parrothead" in 1985 when I met my friend Curtis Campbell while attending Tyler Jr. College. I had heard of Jimmy Buffett before then, but never really listened to his music much. Now I own several of his albums and I have a "Jimmy Buffett" station on Pandora radio.

Since becoming a fan in college, I have always wanted to see Jimmy Buffett in concert. Now, almost 30 years later, I got my chance. Woooo!

When we arrived at the Gexa Energy Pavilion, located at the Texas State Fair Grounds, we found that the hard-core Parrotheads had already been camping (campers/tailgaters) in the parking lot waiting for the show. They had sand spread on the ground, their own blenders and bars set up to make margaritas, and many of them were already wasted before the show even started. Some were dressed as pirates. Some wore grass hula skirts. Many of them had "shark fin" hats on. I also saw a full body parrot suit and one guy dressed as a mermaid (or is it merman?)

While waiting for the concert to start, beach balls were flying through the air, and the margaritas and beer was a flowin'.

Of course Jimmy put on a great show! It was worth the price. Those true hard-core Parrotheads are something to watch!

What made the night even better was a text from my friend, Brent, who told me the Texas Rangers beat the Tigers 11-3! Go Rangers.