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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I turn the Big 41 today! -- My 30's are officially over!

I think I will start the day by formally introducing myself to the blogger world. I have been very careful not to list family member names because of the many "nut-jobs" out there in the world, who may seek out my children in order to hurt them. But I have decided that my wife and I raised our children well enough that they will attempt to avoid such risky internet behaviors and let us know if anyone "creepy" comes lurking around their blogs. Besides all my fellow bloggers are giving their names so I think it's only fair.
My real name is Mark English -- Thus Mr. E. or "Hubbs" as the wife calls me.
My wife of 15 1/2 years is named Jamie! I have recently started calling her "LadyBug" on my blog.

My son, who will turn 13 in March is named Caleb. I think I will start calling him "Scooter" or maybe "Taco". Taco is what the youth group at church call him. ???
My daughter, age 11, is named Rachel. I think I will call her "Cheeks." She used to have some fat little cheeks when she was a baby. (The picture is from 2006 by the way.)

I don't feel any older, but I know I am. I am going to make a renewed effort to exercise more during this year. I need to take better care of myself. I also need to go back to eating better. For a while I gave up many fried & fatting foods, as well as soft drinks. It lasted about 2 months. I did feel better when I was not eating such "junk" but I just couldn't hold out. I will try again!

Swimming was a big part of our exercise program when I first started my new job. But when we tried to go to the pool last week, we were informed that there was a leak in the pool and it may take until May to get it fixed. Phooey! We really wanted to get into the "heated pool" my college provides and get back to swimming.
See you guys next week...Road Trip tomorrow!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Crazy Indian Joins the Race for Big Chief

Just when you thought the number of Indians running for Big Chief was dwindling, along comes another Indian. Today, Ralph Nader announced he is running for President as an Independent candidate. Even though I seriously doubt he will pull off a winning campaign, it was his influence in the past two elections, the Democrats blame for taking just enough votes away from them, that the Republicans won the White House. Will Nader do it again? To visit Mr. Nader's official campaign web-site click here.

To update you once again on the current candidates...

Still running for the Democrat nomination: Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama (OK, Mike Gravel supporters...technically Mr. Gravel has not officially dropped out, he has not won any delegates and has absolutely no chance at winning the nomination.)

Still running for the Republican nomination: John McCain & Mike Huckabee (OK, Ron Paul supporters...I know Rep. Paul has not officially dropped out either. I also know you guys are crazy about your candidate, but he has been mathematically eliminated from the race.)

Click on the names of the candidates to learn more about them and how they "currently" stand on some of the major issues.