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Thursday, June 18, 2009

June Update

It has been a busy time around the English household recently. 

Still looking for full time-work. I am taking a test to get certified to teach 4-8th Grade Math on the 27th of this month. Wish me luck. 

In the mean time, my family and I went to see the Texas Rangers take on the Los Angeles Dodgers last Saturday (the 13th). We were watching a great pitching duel until a bank of lights failed to turn on and the game was delayed for an hour and a half. We left the game and went back to the hotel and watched the rest of the game on television. The Rangers lost 3-1.  

The next day, Jamie and I took the kids to Abilene for ACU Summer Camps, specifically - MPULSE. We are going back to Abilene tonight so we can watch the closing activities Friday, then we are bringing them home (sort of). Actually, we are dropping them off at my sister-in-law's house so they can spend a week with their cousins. We will actually bring them home sometime late next week. 

In the meantime, Jamie and I are spending some quality time together. After dropping the kids off at ACU camps, we spent the night at a motel in Dallas and then went to visit the Dallas Holocaust Museum. It very informative, yet a little depressing. It is hard to believe that humans can treat other humans in such terrible ways. This visit was part of my early Father's Day present. We have also been trying, (I have been trying, Jamie is doing a great job), to eat more healthy. We visited a couple of Whole Foods Markets to try and buy some healthy alternative snacks and foods for the family to eat. It is a great store; to bad there is not one in our area. 

Not much else going on and when I do find time to blog, I end up spending it either reading or playing Mafia Wars on Facebook. One day things will go back to some sort of normal and I can blog some deeper thoughts. In the meantime, I have not disappeared, I have just been busy.