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Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Plans

Thanks to the current "crisis" in the prices of gasoline, our Memorial Day plans will not involve travel. We plan to stay home for the weekend and maybe grill some burgers and watch a movie. I am hoping that we get to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Krystal Skull. If we can't do that we may just have a family "camp out" in our living room and watch some movies on the DVD player.

Since Texas is having a "tax free" weekend to encourage the purchasing of energy saving appliances, I plan on going to Wal-Mart or some other store to buy two or three new ceiling fans to replace some that are no longer working properly. I might spend part of my holiday weekend working on that.

It is supposed to rain in our part of Texas this weekend, which means I will probably spend Memorial Day (Monday) mowing my yard, unless I get it done this afternoon. Maybe I can convince the kids it will be fun to go through all their "summer" clothes and sort out what fits and what does not. That will surely make Monday a special family day. (Ha-Ha!) Not to mention I will be filling out some new job applications. (See Previous Blog)

Oh yea, I almost forgot...our family just purchased Wii Fit, which is a family game designed by Nintendo for the Wii System. It incorporates many different levels of physical fitness and health activities that you can work on. Wii Fit, measures your weight and helps you set goals to loose or gain your needed pounds. It also gives suggestions and tips to eating healthy, exercising, and maintaining good posture. The best part is it makes it fun. You can do Yoga, do strength exercises, aerobic exercises and exercises to improve your balance. So far our family loves it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Calling All Prayer Warriors, We Need Some Prayers

The Devil seems very determined to keep my family from having a great summer.
It's time we do a little fighting back! So pray hard fellow saints, pray hard!

First prayer request...My wife, Jamie, had her first mammogram early last month. (Click here for more information about that.) It seemed the doctor found something so they scheduled her for a follow up visit, which happened today. After a second test, the doctor decided to perform a biopsy on the "abnormality". It is probably not anything to worry about, but of course we are concerned. Her mother and both her grand-mothers are survivors of breast cancer.

Second prayer request...I found out today that the Adult Education Program at Kilgore College is doing a little "reorganization" and as a result, I will no longer be employed as of July 31st. So, just like last summer, I will be job hunting. So far I have found out that 3 school districts near me, including my last employer, are looking for Social Studies or History teachers. I am even checking out a possible General Manager position at a local hotel chain. It's a start.

Third prayer request... My wife and I wish you to pray for the success of our new home-based business. We recently signed up to be on-line travel agents. If you wish to book a vacation, come check us out at Four English Peas Travel. We want more than anything to honor God with this new business. So pray that we do just that.

One thing to know about us is, that we fully believe that God will lead us through all of this! After all He is the God of "Miracles and Wonders" according to Psalms.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why do we run from what we are so desperately longing for?

The past couple of days I have noticed a theme, that keeps popping up in books, movies and in everyday life.

The theme is that "God is relentlessly pursuing us in order to show us his love! Our response it to run away from what we are so desperately longing to have." God offers us mercy, grace, love and eternal life with Him. These are the very things most people on this little planet so desperately want in our lives. Instead of accepting this we tend to run from it. Why?

Maybe we are afraid of seeing the reflection of our ugly, deformed, sinful self. We must come face to face with the fact that we are sinners and have no chance to heal ourselves, no matter what we do.

The book Captured by Grace tells the life stories of several famous folks, including C.S. Lewis, John Newton, and Paul the Apostle, and how they compare their lives as running from themselves and a very loving God, only to find out that when they finally run into God and He captures their hearts, that they finally realize that they have been running from what they have been seeking all along.

I watched the movie Finding Nemo with my family on Sunday. I have seen this movie many times before, but I never caught this particular theme. Nemo is amazed that his father has overcome impossible odds to find him. His father tells Nemo, "Don't you realize I would do anything to find you! I love you!" Hasn't our Heavenly Father done the same thing for us. He went through "Death" to pursue an everlasting relationship with us.

We know that God is there. We know He calls out to us daily to join in fellowship with Him. Why do run? What are we scared of? Are we so afraid of facing up to our own sins? Are we afraid that we are so ugly and scarred that God cannot really want a relationship with someone so sinful? I guess we are. Why don't we just quit running and let God capture our heart? When He does he will transform us into such incredible people, we will start running again. This time running with God in pursuit of others who flee the grace of God, that they are so desperately looking for.