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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thoughts About God and the Universe and Some Good News

God is an awesome God! Every time I watch a show about nature, I am awe struck by the creativity and majesty of my God. From the smallest of amoebas to the massive blue whale, God's workmanship is shown. From the tall Redwood trees to the smallest flower, God can be found. Every human on the planet, despite what we think of them, is beautiful to our God. We are made in His image. To me, this is incredible. The pictures from the Hubble Telescope, prove that God is not just a God of this earth, but of the entire universe.

Science can attempt to explain how the universe was formed and how it works, but they cannot prove their theory of a "Big Bang!" Science can attempt to explain why all the animals and plants are different with the theory of "Evolution", but in the end evolution is still a theory. It's a shame that the "Big Bang" theory and the theory of "Evolution" are being taught as fact in our public schools. To teach these theories as fact, goes against the very principles of "scientific experimentation!" Scientist have tested these two theories over and over again without coming up with undeniable proof that their initial theories are indeed facts. Granted you cannot absolutely prove that God created anything either, but it makes much better sense to me than evolution does.

Ok, Now that I am through ranting about the Almighty! -- Good news! I have lost 8 pounds in the past month. Even though my tummy is smaller, my wife claims most of the weight has disappeared from my already small tush! I guess I need to exercise a little more and try to gain muscle weight to replace the fat weight.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Trying a New Family Plan

On Monday my beautiful bride, went to a training seminar for work. The topic was Positive Parenting. She was so impressed with the speaker and his parenting ideas, that she bought his book, and a DVD to watch, and brought it home for me to read. After reading the book, I am very impressed as well. So the wife and I plan to implement a new set of family rules. The plan is called "F.A.M.I.L.Y" and it is based on a book called; FAMILY Rules: Positive Parenting with a Plan((Grades K-12) by: Matthew A. Johnson. We will let you know how the new plan works! It sounds like a wonderful alternative to my grouchy old way of doing things. It's even supposed to help the parents.