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Friday, October 31, 2008

Two Good Books to Read

Recently I have read two books that have had a profound impact on my thoughts about "religion" and my relationship with the God of Universe!

The first books is called The Shack by William Young. This book challenges the traditional roles Christians seek to have in relation to God, as well as who God really is and what He expects from His children.

The second book is called Room of Marvels by James Bryan Smith. This book also challenges what you believe about Heaven and a person's personal relationship with God.

Both books deal with the healing of the main character's broken relationship with God. Both books are fairly short in length and easy to read, yet powerful in their messages. I encourage you to read them. They could alter your way of thinking.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Web-Site to Occupy My Time

A few weeks ago my wife introduced me to a web-site called Goodreads.com. This web-site allows you to enter any books you have read in the past, are currently reading, or wish to read in the future, onto a list to share with other readers. By listing you reading interest, other readers can suggest new books for you to read, (like I need more books to read!) or chat with you about the books they have read.

Of course my OCD kicked in big time with this one, and I started entering books. I have entered over 3oo books I have read, 3 I am currently reading, and at over 10 books I wish to read. HELP ME!

Just in case you want to see my profile and list of books I have read...click here. I hope you enjoy the site and "Good Reading!"