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Saturday, January 12, 2008


I read this the other day on CNN News...It's my first really EEEWWW! story of the year. I just get freaked out thinking it about it. Just read the link!

British Couple Annuls Marriage After Finding Out They Are Twins.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Positive News That Made My Day!

Today I received some positive news from work. Since coming back from the Christmas Break, I have been wearing a tie to work every day. I have also been working really hard to avoid letting myself getting distracted by student comments in class. I took some of our textbooks home over the break as well and studied up a little more on areas I feel weak in.

Apparently my attempts to improve myself have worked. Some of my students were talking in the halls during a break and they were overheard by my supervisor, the Program Director. The students were saying, "Something must have happened to Mr. E. over the break. He's wearing a tie and teaching so much better than he was before. He's not even talking to much." This impressed my boss and she came to tell me that even she has noticed a change in me since coming back from the break.

She told me that I was doing a good job before the break, but she can see a definite change of attitude and it is showing in an even better work performance. Cool!

Just to let you know exactly what I do for a living...I work for Kilgore College at the Longview, TX campus. I am the Lead Teacher/Coordinator of the Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program. I teach the upper level GED Preparation Classes (Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and Essay Writing). I am also responsible for the entire ABE Program in the absence of the above mentioned Program Director. Our program also helps adult students, who may have been out of education for a while, prepare to take college entrance exams and refresh their basic learning skills. Our program also teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to people wanting to learn to speak English, and Citizenship classes to people who are in the process of becoming U.S. Citizens.

I have been doing this since August of last year and I really love this job (even though I took a fairly substantial pay cut by leaving the public schools). I actually get to have intelligent conversations about topics in class, rather than get the "DUH!" look from the 8th & 6th Graders I taught in public schools.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen -- 13 of My Favorite Music Albums by Christian Artists

Here is my Thursday Thirteen post for the week.

13 of Some of My Favorite Christian Music Albums

These Albums are in no particular order and they are just a few of the many Christian Artists and Songs I listen to. If you click on the links you will go to the album's listing on Amazon.com. From there you should be able to scroll down and listen to samples of songs featured on the album.

1. Portable Sounds by TobyMac -- Songs I like off this album are: Made to Love, Boomin', I'm For You, Feelin' So Fly and Lose My Soul.

2. Adoration: The Worship Album by Newsboys -- Songs I like off this album are: He Reigns, You Are My King (Amazing Love) and In Christ Alone.

3. Almost There by Mercy Me -- Songs I like off this album are: I Can Only Imagine, I Worship You, Bless Me Indeed. & Spoken For by Mercy Me -- Songs I like off this album are: The Change Inside of Me, Crazy and Word of God Speak.

4. Casting Crowns by Casting Crowns -- Songs I like off this album are: Voice of Truth, If We Are the Body, Who Am I and American Dream.

5. Speechless by Steven Curtis Chapman -- Songs I like off this album are: Dive, Speechless, The Change, Great Expectations, Next 5 Minutes, Fingerprints of God, Invitation, Whatever and I Do Believe.

6. Worship God by Rebecca St. James -- Songs I like off this album are: Breathe, God of Wonders, Lamb of God, It is Well and Above All.

7. Songs by the late Rich Mullins -- Songs I like off this (Greatest Hits album) are: Sing Your Praise to the Lord, Awesome God, Creed, We Are Not as Strong as We Think We Are, If I Stand, Elijah and Hold Me Jesus. & The Jesus Record by Rich Mullins and Various Artists -- Songs I like off this album are: My Deliverer, Surely God is With Us, Man of No Reputation, and That Where I Am, There You.

8. Worship by Michael W. Smith -- Songs I like off this album are: The Heart of Worship, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Open the Eyes of My Heart, Breath, Let It Rain, Agnus Dei and Above All.

9. Center of My Universe by Michelle Tumes -- Songs I like off this album are: Deep Love, Heaven's Heart, Do Ya, Lovely and With the Angels.

10. Underdog by Audio Adrenaline -- Songs I like off this album are: Underdog, Get Down, Good Life, Let My Love Open the Door, Hands and Feet, It is Well With My Soul and Jesus Movement.

11. Arriving by Chris Tomlin -- Songs I like off this album are: Indescribable, Holy is The Lord, How Great is Our God, Your Grace is Enough, Unfailing Love, All Bow Down and You Do All Things Well.

12. Revived by World Wide Message Tribe (now known as The Tribe) -- Songs I like off this "Greatest Hits Album" are: In My Life, Come All Ye Faithful, Reach For Heaven, Jumping in the House of God and Hallelujah (Praise the Saviour).

13. Veggie Rocks by Various Artist sing songs originally sung by The VeggieTales Characters -- Songs I like off this album are: I Love My Lips, In the Belly of the Whale, The Water Buffalo Song, and every other song on this album.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

5 Weird Things About Me

I have been tagged by my fellow blogger Tech Daddy to list 5 weird things about me.

Ok, I accept the tag!

# 1. I have an irrational fear of "Cupie Dolls" or other doll like toys that can open and close their eyes, talk or otherwise act in a human nature. Probably explains why I have never watched or want to watch the Chucky movies. It's hard for me to sleep in rooms with them, look at them or even read about them. There is at least one member of the Ghost Hunters, on TV, who has the same fear. Once my daughter got one of these type of dolls for Christmas (from a cousin) and I forbid her to open it. I think we ended up trading it in for something else or giving it away.

# 2. I can name all the Presidents of the United States in order, (first, middle, last names), the party they served and the years they served. I am currently memorizing the top candidates names and info, so I will have President #44 ready to go. {Nothing personal against Hillary Clinton, but if she gets elected it would have made memorizing the last 4 very easy (Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton). Come on give me a challenge!

# 3. My High School sports team mascot was the Buckeye (a poisonous nut). We were one of only two schools in the nation, (The other being Ohio State University), to have the Buckeye as a mascot.

# 4. I hate the sound of Styrofoam rubbing against itself. I almost cry and just want to pass out when I hear the sound. Don't think I would make it as a superhero. Superman has Kryptonite, I have Styrofoam.

# 5. I also suffer from OCD. I have to have many things in my life in a certain order. My shirts and pants hang in my closet in a certain order. I make constant lists of things I want or need to do. I used to have my movies in alphabetical order and dishes in the cabinets stacked in certain ways. I am getting better, but you better not rearrange my closet or I might just freak out!

My Bonus Weird Thing is... I have a secret crush on Mrs. Incredible (aka: Mrs. Helen Parr, or Elasti-Girl) from the movie The Incredibles. Cute voice, stretchy, good mother, looks good in the new hero costume. I wonder if they make that costume for adult women at Halloween? My wife would be a great Mrs. Incredible, WAIT, she already is. LOVE YA HONEY!

Now, who to tag next! Hmmm, I don't know anyone else to tag that I read with any regularity. I'll think of someone though. Oh, Oh, I know...I'll tag my son....CmE Domain. He's almost 13 there should be plenty of weird things about him.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rambling Thoughts

A funny thing my daughter said... Last night my daughter asked my wife, "Did you date anyone before you married daddy?" My wife told her she had. Then my daughter said, "I figured you did, because you dated the Raccoon Guy right?" My wife was confused, "Raccoon Guy?" My daughter said, "Yea, you know the guy who did the voice for the raccoon in the movie Over the Hedge." Then my wife understood. My daughter was talking about Bruce Willis. A few years ago my wife told me she thought Bruce Willis was handsome for his age and jokingly told me, that if anything ever happened to me, she would go after Bruce Willis. Every so often after that I would kid my wife about Bruce Willis being her "other boyfriend!" I guess my daughter thought we were being serious. She actually thought my wife had dated Bruce Willis, before she married me. Cool, my wife chose me over Bruce Willis. Boo-ya! How Funny.

The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame induction announcements were made today. The only player to be inducted this year will be Rich "Goose" Gossage. Congratulations! I know some of my blog readers are huge Cincinnati Reds fans and I know they are really disappointed that Dave Concepcion did not make it into the Hall of Fame. I would have voted for him myself.

I am ready for Baseball Season. I can't wait until Spring Training and I can start my personal critique of my Texas Rangers. I don't think they are World Series material again this year, but I am interested in seeing how our commitment to the young pitchers and outfielders will play out. Not a big fan of Milton Bradley but who knows, he may prove me wrong and actually act like a grown up in Texas. (Ha-Ha!)

Several months ago I promised to stop eating and doing a few things. (See Time to Give Up # 1 and Time to Give Up # 2. For a while I was very successful. I was eating better and I had stopped many of my bad habits. Apparently the Holiday Season killed my good eating habits. I ate way to much (as did most people around the holidays) and I put on about 8 pounds. My blood pressure has gone back up as a result, so I need to "Give it all up" again. I will do better, I will do better.

Being a political nerd...I am waiting to watch the primary results in New Hampshire tonight. It amazes me how the news analyst are "writing the campaigns of some candidates off" so early in the race. Aren't there 50 states? Why quit after only three states? It's a shame that money, or lack of it, also puts a person out of their bid for the White House. Why do you have to be rich to be President?

I did a quiz with my adult students at the college I teach at. Based on my recent blog about the Presidential candidates I just wanted to see if my "voting age" students could actually identify the candidates for President by sight. I printed pictures of the 13 active candidates (as of Jan. 7, 2008) and presented my students with them. All of my students successfully identified Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Most of them could identify John McCain. A small majority of them recognized Rudy Guiliani. One or two of my students recognized Fred Thompson, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney (although they called him Matt Romney) and Ron Paul. Only one student knew who John Edwards was. No one recognized Dennis Kucinich (One of my students said he looked like a Hobbit. I laughed despite myself), Mike Gravel, Bill Richardson, or Duncan Hunter. Update: Jan. 10, 2008 -- Democratic Candidate, Bill Richardson, has announced he is withdrawing from his bid to become President. (click here for official announcement)

I wish could say I was more interested in the football playoffs. I like to support my local teams, especially The Dallas Cowboys. I do know they are playing the Giants on Sunday. My sister-in-law is a huge Indianapolis Colts fan. I just watch the playoff games and the rest of the season I watch when I feel like it. I do like the Super Bowl parties though. Good food!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wanting to be Lazy on a Sunday Afternoon

It's the first Sunday of the New Year and I want to be lazy! To bad the ugly ole' world has a few other plans.

1) Today is our grocery shopping day. We would go on Saturdays but the coupons come out in the papers on Sunday. Since my wife and I subscribe and use the services of The Grocery Game we clip and organize our coupons on Sundays after church and then hit the stores to find the best deals. It really helps with our grocery budget.

2) Inspections are today! We all have certain "chores" and responsibilities in our home. On Sundays, the Wife and I go through a checklist to make sure everyone is doing their part in keeping our home clean and happy. So things get to be a little busy, (esp. if you haven't finished your part of the chores), trying to get things ready for inspection.

The inspections don't normally take that long, but the shopping can last a while depending on how busy the stores are. This takes up time that I would love to have just relaxing on the couch, reading, or watching the football playoffs. (In the spring and summer, I watch baseball!) Maybe I just want to take a nap!

Oh well, responsibilities are responsibilities! Maybe I can catch a few winks when we get back from the store...Gotta Go!