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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Being Bad

Today, I was not a good boy! If you remember a few weeks ago I promised to give up a few things in order to eat more healthy and try to live a better over all life. (click here & here to read more) A couple of things I promised to give up were pizza and soft drinks. Today was not a good day. I found out "today" that I was supposed to bring something to eat for our in-service at work. Turned out we were having a pot-luck and some of us, including me, did not know that. So what did I do? I bought a pizza at the last minute. I even brought home a couple of left over pieces to eat later. Also (Confession time) -- I had a soft-drink. Last weekend, while attending a Hunter's Safety Course with my son, I purchased and drank an A&W Cream Soda. It was my first soft-drink since laying off of them last month. I have been good since then, but since I was confessing about pizza, I figured I had better go ahead and come clean about the soft drink.

The sad part about being bad with the pizza and the Cream Soda was that neither one of them had the desired effect I was seeking. The Cream Soda just made me feel bloated, and the pizza, of course, upset my stomach. This just confirms the reasons why I chose to give up them up in the first place.

At least tomorrow is a new day. I will pick myself up again and start over. Isn't that what new days are for?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Home Alone

For the next couple of nights I will be home alone. The rest of my family has gone out of town to celebrate the birthdays of some cousins. Tonight I plan on watching baseball, uninterrupted. Go Indians! and Go Rockies! Tomorrow is yet another work day. I have an in-service day at my work from 8:00-3:00. I hope it's interesting and over quickly. When I get home from that I need to mow our yard. Hopefully for the last time this year! I may even do a little housekeeping to make my bride happy, before settling down to watch more baseball or possibly finish one of the books I am reading. Sunday, of course, is worship services at my church with a small group meeting after that. The family should be home Sunday afternoon. At least I have the dog to keep me company!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Addictive Games to Play

Over the past few years my wife and I have found some solitude in playing some on-line games for fun. Some of these games have proven quite addictive however, if not played in moderation. All games are free; you just need to set up a screen name and password.

Here are a few of our favorite games....

On MSN Games we play, Peggle, Rise of Atlantis, Chuzzle, Diner Dash, Diner Dash 2, Scrabble Blast, Cubis, Hexic, Jewel Quest, Ocean Express, Mozaki Blocks, Rocket Mania, Bookworm, Chicken Invaders 2 and of course Bejeweled.

On Pogo we play Poppit, Sweet Tooth, Word Whomp, and Tumble Bees.

Some games like Bookworm, Ocean Express, Bejeweled, and Scrabble Blast can be found on both Pogo and MSN games. On MSN games you play to win badges and points. On Pogo you play for points that you can "cash in" to "buy" tickets that put you into a drawing to win real cash!

So if you really bored and have lots of time to kill, just visit some of our favorite games and maybe you will find a few new games for yourself. HAVE FUN and don't forget to feed the kids!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Funny Panda Video & Apologies to My Former Math Teacher

This Video is very funny. Who would have thought a Panda would look so cute & funny when startled? Baby Panda Sneezing Enjoy!

In other news...I am feeling better after getting over a tummy virus. It's good to have my energy back.

I also need to find the grave site of my former Algebra Teacher, Mrs. Stewart. I need to apologize for all the mean things I ever said to her while I was in school. Now that I am teaching students to solve basic Algebraic equations, I can understand her frustration. I finally understand, 24 years later, what she was trying to get me to understand. I also can understand how frustrated she would get when the solution is so simple, and your students just "don't get it". Ahhh, Can't you see what I'm doing? Ok...calm down! Mrs. Stewart, I apologize for calling you an evil woman and other mean names. God Bless you for being as patient as you could with me, when I just "didn't get it." You were a great teacher after all.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Technical Trouble, A Mysterious Bug & Baseball

The past couple of days we have had some technical trouble which has prevented us from connecting to our Internet. I have missed reading some blogs and have missed posting some. Not only was our Internet down, but I have also been feeling under the weather.

I have had a mysterious bug or something that has been giving me nausea and some tummy trouble, all with no fever. I will feel bad for a day, feel good for a day, then feel bad again. It has caused me to miss a couple of days of work, including today. I am at home now, trying to rest it out. The doctor said it was a stomach virus going around and I just have to tough it out and go to work when I think I can. I will try to go back tomorrow. I really don't want to miss to many days with my "new" job. I like this job and I don't want to jeopardize it by missing to many days, after only being their just over 2 months. I hope I feel better soon, this is miserable.

Now for baseball...It looks like my wishes for a curse-ending season for the Cubs is out of the picture. Maybe next year! How about the Rockies and Diamondbacks?!? Now that the Cubs are out I'm rooting for the Rockies to go the World Series for the National League. In the American League, I am still rooting for the Indians to beat the Yankees. I didn't really care if the Red Sox beat the Angels or not, as long as the Indians win the World Series!