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Friday, April 11, 2008

Yet Another Thing to Turn Over to God.

Apparently This High-Blood Pressure Thing is a Serious Matter!

I woke up this morning feeling much better than yesterday. I went to work and taught all my classes without any feeling any ill effects. After classes I went to the offices of the Nursing classes of my college. I asked them to check my blood-pressure again just to see if it was any better. The results...183/110. Apparently this is still high. Not as high as yesterday, but still serious enough that the Nurse/Teacher instructed my supervisor to send me home for the day and to call my doctor to get some kind of medication to bring my blood pressure down.

After doing a little more research into my incident yesterday...I found out my blood pressure was so high, yesterday, that the EMT's and the Hospital was worried that I might be on the verge of a stroke. Wow! Needless to say, when the nurse at my college told me my blood pressure was still us, I am a little worried. I called my doctor and I am waiting for him to return my call. If he cannot contact me before the end of the day I might have to make a trip to the Emergency room again just to have someone give me something to bring my blood-pressure down.

I really don't want to have a stroke or heart attack or anything else related to high blood-pressure. Apparently I will soon be taking another Rx soon.

In the meantime I will look up some info on the Internet to see if there are some natural remedies to help until I see the Doctor. I will also be doing a lot of praying. With my OCD I will probably worry way to much about this, which won't help at all. So I'm going to have to let God take care of me! Imagine that, God taking care of his boy. OK, God I'm all yours. Go to work.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Trip to the Hospital in the Nice Red Van.

I have a very interesting morning. I at home now fighting off drowsiness just to write this blog, so I can go to sleep.

Shortly after arriving at work this morning I was suddenly hit with a wave of nausea, light-headedness, and vertigo. It literally knocked me off my feet. I managed to grab a nearby chair and ease myself down to the floor. The whole time the room seemed to be spinning rapidly around me. I dang near threw up. Lucky for me no students were in the classroom at the time.

After sitting on the floor, spinning around in my head, for a few minutes I managed to pull myself up into a chair. About this time one of my co-workers came in and saw me with my head over the trash can and moaning about how I wished the room would stop spinning. She told one of the students to go and get an EMT (our campus has an EMT training course at our location), to come check me out.

The EMT instructor (who just happens to be a certified EMT) came in to check me out. He said my pulse was high and since I had "hit the floor" due to my vertigo, it was campus policy to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital to check me out. When the ambulance arrived, the EMT's from there took my blood pressure, it was a whopping 169 over 124. Dang! They didn't tell me what the pressure was they just said it was very high and asked if I was suffering any other symptoms other than vertigo and nausea. I told them no, all I wanted to do was just lay down a minute and let the room stop spinning. But being good EMT's they told me that my high blood pressure would not allow them to just let me lay down. Since I couldn't walk straight due to the vertigo, they strapped me to a gurney and wheeled me out to the ambulance and took me to the hospital to be checked out.

After going through a brief medical history they stuck me with an IV and told me wait until the doctor came to check me over. Turns out my condition was probably caused by a reaction my body had to two different cold/allergy medications I have been taken to try and shake off this "crud" I have had for the past two weeks. They said the combination of the medicine I took for allergies and a dose of cough medicine I took last night, caused my blood pressure to shoot up and that is what they think caused my sudden episode of vertigo and nausea.

After a near 3 hour stay at the hospital, my blood pressure finally went back to normal. The doctor gave me some pills to help with vertigo and told me to check with my regular doctor about the blood pressure. He told me to sleep the rest of the day and I should be OK to go back to work tomorrow pending what my regular doctor tells me.

So here I am, half drugged out of my skull and about to fall asleep at the computer. I guess I need to go to sleep and see how I feel in the morning.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Baseball, My Voice and Other Thoughts

Baseball Season is back and I am loving it. My Texas Rangers are 3-3 and just came off an impressive series win over division rivals the LA Angels. Tomorrow is the Rangers home opener, and if I were rich enough or dumb enough I would take tomorrow off and go watch them. How about the starting pitchers for the Rangers? They are doing great!

My voice is back, sort of! I can at least speak but it is not up to full potential. Allergies or something is still causing a little drainage back there, so there is still a squeak from time to time.

Our family has made a choice on where we will spend our "Family Date" this month. We all plan to spend the afternoon at The Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. It's been a while since we have been there. Last time we went it was still free to the public. Now there is a admission fee, but I'm sure it will be fun. We plan to go Saturday weather permitting.

Our family is also considering signing up to start a new home-based business. More details about this as it develops. Just pray that God leads us and guides us in making the right decision about this possible new venture.