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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Apologies to God

Most Awesome GOD, Creator of all things and LORD of my life;

I come to you begging for your forgiveness. I have been a selfish and evil man. I have been praying for my will to be done and not Yours. I have lied to myself and to you about what I want for myself. I have stolen from You, by taking the time and income You have provided for me, and using them for personal gain or selfish desires. I have put other things before You and that is idolatry. For these things I offer no excuse except my apologies.

I want to be in love with YOU, O' MY LORD. I want to obsessed with YOU. I want to do YOUR will not mine. I want YOU to be first always. I want to give YOU my best, not what is left over at the end of the day. I want to trust in YOU more than I do my income or my own personal security. Help me to be the person YOU want me to be, not what I want myself to be.

Thank you Father for the blessings you have provided for me and my family. Thank you for my bride Jamie and my two wonderful kids, Caleb and Rachel. Thank you for the job you provided for me at Mardel. Thank you for Jamie's jobs at Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services, Children's Connections and now for the teaching opportunity at Stephen F. Austin. Thank you for the opportunity to help marriages grow stronger by allowing Jamie and I to lead a Dynamic Marriage class. Thank you for my home. You have blessed my family abundantly and I Love You.

Your adopted son,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feeling Puny and It's not Fun

I'm not feeling to well today. I am feeling nauseous and dizzy when I'm either sitting up or walking around, and I get a really bad headache when I lay down to rest. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

On a more hopeful note...I had a job interview with Marshall ISD yesterday and I have a pending interview with Gilmer ISD later this week. (I hope I feel better).

Being out of full-time work is not fun either. I keep getting these e-mails regarding working from home by doing work on-line. I have gotten e-mails regarding selling weight-loss products, processing rebates and advertising on Google or Facebook. It is really tempting to invest the $50-$150 initial investments and try to do those jobs. I have tried a couple in the past and it did not work out so well. The ads can be very deceiving and you must all of the ad, including the extremely small print. I would ask if any of you have tried these types of at-home jobs to let me know if they really work, but since I do not know you personally, it would be hard to believe what you said anyway.

Last random note...I hate the commercial where Ronald McDonald "creates" stars and galaxies for the kids, visiting his home in the Golden Arches, to see. Who does McDonald's think that clown is, God? I don't think so.