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Friday, June 17, 2011

Together Again (at least for the weekend)

Last Monday my wife, Jamie, started her new job in Waxahachie. My daughter also started her week at ACU Summer Camps. The week before My son Caleb was at ACU Summer Camps and my daughter was spending a week with her cousin. That meant two weeks with at least two different family members gone. Last night we were all together. The kids are finished with camp and Jamie is home for the weekend. We are together again; until Sunday afternoon, when Jamie returns to her Aunt's house to start her 2nd full week at her new job.

The only news about selling our home I can update you on is, that our roof is about to get fixed. After 7 years of arguing with insurance companies about the horrible state of our roof, they have finally agreed to have it fixed. Insurance will pay to have the roof fixed; however, there is damage to the support beams that hold the roof up and insurance will not pay for that. To fix the "decking" alone will cost nearly $3000. That is money we do not have. We are hoping to pay for the decking repair out of the profit we make from selling the house or from the escrow taxes we will get returned to us from the Mortgage Company.

Meanwhile packing is still ongoing, (the wedding china is next on the list), with boxes and other items being moved into my dad's storage building or a rented storage space. We are having a garage sale next Saturday to sell furniture and other items we wish to get rid of. Keep praying that our house sells soon and that a school calls me to work for them full-time. I want our family to be Together Again soon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If I Were a Candidate For President

As early as my Junior year in High School, I have had a desire to run for some kind of public office. At first it was to become President of the United States someday. Then I decided that the intrusion of the press into my public life would just be to annoying to deal with. What I do in my personal life is no body's business! That said, I still wouldn't mind making a run for U.S. Senate or for Governor of Texas. (if Rick Perry can do it, anyone can!) I would have to convince my bride, Jamie, to support me though. She is convinced that being an elected official would change me fundamentally. She is probably right.

Still I can't help wondering what would be the major issues I would push for. Here are a few.

1) My number one campaign issue would be the national debt. The government of the U.S. needs to show fiscal responsibility. We cannot continue to live as a debtor nation for much longer. We have to stop borrowing money and learn to live off a budget free of needless pork projects. We need to have a plan to pay off the national debt even if it means making cuts that will hurt. We must make paying off the national debt our number one priority over all other issues. I would veto all budgets passed by the Congress unless they have a substantial amount of money set aside to pay off the national debt, which now stands (as of typing this post) at $ 1 4 , 3 4 8 , 7 1 7 , 6 0 0 , 4 1 5 . 5 3 .

2) My second campaign issue would be to repair the infrastructure of the country. The roads, highways, overpasses, bridges, and canals that are essential for transportation in the United States are in much need of repair. It is estimated that the majority of the bridges/overpasses in the United States are on the verge of collapse, yet we continue patch them up as best we can and pray they don't fall apart and people die. We also need to repair the majority of the dams, levies, gas lines, oil lines, aqueducts and water/sewage lines. We have already seen the damage caused by failed levies in New Orleans and along the Mississippi River. Many of the major water lines that feed fresh water to our major cities have leaks that flooding communities and wasting 30-40% of the water that is supposed to be reaching the cities.

3) My third campaign issue would be to repeal most the major treaties that we have with other nations in regards to the use of the United States military. The United States may have the best military in the world, but we cannot and should not protect every other nation in the world at the risk of putting our own citizens in danger. We cannot afford to keep fighting long-term wars that other nations of the world could be handling on their own. We must protect our own borders and secure our own national security first.

4) My fourth campaign issue would be to beef up border security and to revamp our immigration laws. I am all for allowing citizens from other nations moving to the United States in order to live a better life; however, we must be responsible for who we allow to come into our nation and in what numbers. We must find a responsible way for those seeking citizenship to file the necessary paperwork and to become citizens within a reasonable time frame. We must also not be afraid to deport those who have entered the United States illegally. I realize that may result in sending back a huge chunk of our work force, but is an essential step in securing national security and for the proper utilization of taxes and for fair representation in Congress. If you want to live in the United States you must apply for citizenship in a legal manner.

5) One thing I would also suggest, and it is probably the most controversial; is that citizens would no longer have to pay an income tax, until the government learns to live off a balanced budget. If the government cannot spend our tax dollars responsibly, then we should not give them any more money to spend. I realize that this may make it harder to pay off the debt or fix our crumbling highways; but if a person has the right to withdraw their money from a failing bank, then they also should have the right to have the option to pay taxes to our government until the government can properly account for where that money is going and for what purpose.

Of course there are many other issues I could comment on, but these are my Big 5 issues. If you want to know how I stand on other issues, then feel free to leave a comment and I will answer.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Week Alone With the Boy

This week I am spending a week alone with my son Caleb. (Jamie is in Waxahachie with her new job and Rachel is in Abilene at MPULSE with ACU Summer Camps.) Yesterday we went grocery shopping for the week; knowing we currently do not have a huge budget for groceries; he suggested we buy lots of soups, Ramen noodles, sandwich fixings and one frozen pizza. It reminded me of living life in college, when you tried to eat cheap and save your money for when you had a date.

Caleb has picked up the Dave Ramsey philosophy that Debt is Stupid. He so wants to avoid getting student loans and avoid debt that he strongly wants to attend College of the Ozarks, where you can work off your tuition and fees rather than have to borrow money.

This weeks I plan to have Caleb help me mow the yard and continue our "pack and store" momentum, as we prepare to sell the house and move. I also hope to continue to get to know him better. Caleb is a fantastic young man, who is developing his own faith in God/Jesus/The Spirit. He makes me laugh with his deep sense of humor.

Caleb really wants to find a job, but the potential move is hindering that, as he doesn't want to get a job and then have to quit to move with short notice. (Maybe he can get a job at Brookshires sacking groceries for a couple of weeks, they hire summer help all the time.) He also wants to get his driver's license, but we are putting it off until we move so we don't have to pay the fee it takes to change the address on his license. Plus we can't afford the raise in insurance rates until we know exactly what our new financial situation will be once we move.