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Monday, July 27, 2009

More Commercials That Are Getting on My Nerves

In my last blog I listed 6 commercials that are getting on my nerves a lot lately. I ended at 6 because the Rangers were coming on. So here are 4 more to round my list off at a nice even 10.

7. All of the male enhancement commercials. Not only are they an embarrassment to most men, they are not appropriate to show when any kids are in the room.

8. The Kids Bop Commercials. What number are they on now, number 524? Actually I think it is 12, LOLOLOL (you know what I mean if you have seen the commercial.)

9. The Fruit by the Foot commercial with the two karate dudes yelling and very, very, very slowly moving towards the face of the kid eating the fruit snack.

1o. The Dannon Yogurt commercial where the pretty young lady, suddenly becomes very not pretty by sucking the yogurt container dry (without using hands, which is sort of impressive) and yet not getting a single drop of the yogurt on her face anywhere. How does she do that?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some Commercials That Really Get on My Nerves

Currently there are a few commercials that really are getting on my nerves recently. If I could link them I would but I bet you can figure out which ones I am talking about.

1. The commercials for Scientology...I don't like these for two reasons. a) Scientology is a load of lies and leads some people away from Jesus. b) It runs every break between innings of the Ranger game of Fox Sports Southwest. Ahhh, I'm so sick of it.

2. Any commercial for Burger King with the creepy "Burger King." I didn't like him when he first appeared in their commercials and I still don't like him, especially since he has been doing some mean things to people lately. I did like the commercials where the women in the van were trying to run over the King though.

3. The Sketchers shoe commercial where the kid runs like a pack of rhinos when he playing football. Like some pair of shoes is going to make other kids, with obviously more talent than you, run away in fear of you.

4. The McDonald's commercial where Ronald McDonald "creates" stars and galaxies in the sky for the kids to see. Like he is God! Some day that clown will go to a place that is not so funny!

5. Commercials for the Best D... Sports Show Period. They shouldn't be allowed to say that word, and many other words, on television, much less name a television show that. Sadly it also shows every break between innings of the Ranger games.

6. The Chucky Cheese commercials that mislead kids into thinking if they have just one quarter, they can have a heap of fun of the house of the rat. All the games may be quarter each, but if you want to eat some pizza, you better bring much more than a quarter.

I would name a few others, but the Rangers are about to play the Royals. Time to brace myself for some Scientology and some Best D... Sports Show commercials.