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Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm an Official Book Reviewer

About a week ago I applied to be an official book review for Thomas Nelson Book Publishers. I was accepted. They sent me a list of books they would like reviewed and I got to pick one to be mailed to me free of charge. All I have to do is read the book and publish a review on my blog and on at least one other book site such as Amazon.com or Goodreads.com, etc....

The first book I chose to review is called...The Faith of Barack Obama. I figured if he is going to be my next President, I would like to more about his faith. So look for my review on Ombama's faith coming soon.

You to can apply to be a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson, just click on How to Become Thomas Nelson Book Blogger and apply.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations and Prayers for the New President Elect

Congratulations to Sen. Barack Obama & Sen. Joe Biden on their victory in the 2008 Presidential Elections. It is truly an historical event.

My prayers go out to Sen. Obama. The problems this nation are facing are daunting and I sincerely hope his promises of "Change" are changes for the better. I pray that his "faith" outweighs his commitment to the "party" and that he includes God in all of his decisions. I hope Obama does a great job as President, proving once and for all that a minority can hold the office of and perform the duties of President of the United States successfully.

My prayers go out to the family of Sen. Obama. It is very hard to be the wife or the child of the President of the United States. I pray that they work hard to keep God in their lives so that the pressures of office do not tear his family apart. I also pray for their safety. Their are many "crazy" people out their who will now set their focus on bringing harm to Obama and his family. I pray that God's power will keep them safe.

My prayers go out to Sen. McCain as well. I pray that his message of bi-partisanship continues as he now has to work with a Senate controlled by the opposite party. I pray that he genuinely works with President Obama to bring real and significant change to America.

God has a reason for Obama becoming President of the United States. God will use Obama and the Democratic Congress for His purposes, even if we have no clue what they are. Unlike many Americans, I am not afraid or scared. My faith that God is in control prevents that. It is that lack of faith that makes people afraid or scared.

I may or may not have voted for Barack Obama, but I will support him as my President, according to God's will. I hope all Americans will do the same.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Day Before the "08" Elections

The time has come. It's time for the undecided to become decided and make a choice. Tomorrow we vote for President, the entire House of Representatives and 1/3 of the U.S. Senate. The political direction for the United States for the next 4 years will be decided tomorrow.

If you have not already voted early...I encourage you to cast your ballot in one of the most historic and important elections in U.S. History.

I am not telling you who to vote for, nor am I telling you who I am voting for, I'm just telling you to vote.

My prediction by the way: The popular vote will be very close, I would say within 3 million votes of each other. The Electoral Vote will show a much more decided victory to Democrat Barack Obama. I think Obama will win by at least 35 Electoral Votes or more. The popular vote will once again show just how close the election really was. The Senate and the House of Representatives will remain in the hands of the Democrats.

This is just my prediction...let's see if the actual votes show otherwise.

If your looking for a little fun, try the Election Trivia page on CNN.com. Impress your friends with how much "knowledge you have about the upcoming election."

By the way, I first voted for President in 1988. I voted for Republican George H.W. Bush.