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Friday, January 27, 2012

Just as Smurfy (Annoying) as They Used to Be

Yesterday I watched the movie, The Smurfs! Why? Why? Why? I never liked the Smurfs, when they were a television show. I can't believe I sat through the entire movie. The story had it's moments, but overall it was just as Smurfy (annoying) as the original television cartoon. I can't believe they are going to make a Smurfs 2 movie!

I really need to be exercising more, rather than waste my time watching television or movies so much. I can't wait to start substituting again or start a full-time job.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Failing to live by my own Mission Statement

Shortly after posting my first blog! I came up with a Mission Statement to let people know what I stand for and to serve as a guide for my personal life. In the past year, I have been failing in several areas of my "mission" and I can see the results. Today I renew that same mission statement...Once again here it is (it is also listed underneath my photo at the top left of my blog)....

1. I will seek to continuously become a man after the heart of God.
2. I will serve my God and honor Him in all that I do; in failure as well as success.
3. I will continuously strive to grow as a husband and a father, so I can serve my family in the service of my God.
4. I will endeavor to serve others in love, using my Savior, Jesus, as an example.
5. I will listen to the words of truth as written in the Bible and to the Holy Spirit of God living in me, rather than the lies of Satan and the world. I will do this by spending intentional time in prayer, devotion, and memorization of scripture.
6. Realizing that I AM NOT IN CONTROL of the majority of circumstances that affect my life, I will look to God to learn from every situation, so that I may grow stronger in faith, and better serve God, my family and others.

Father God; Give me the strength of will, to fulfill the promises made above. Give me guidance to do what it right and just. Thank you for what blessings you have given me and help me not to forgot them. All that I have and ever will have is a gift from you! Bless my family and my future job! Your son, Mark

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super 8 was not so Super! Neither has my Job Search.

Just finished watching the movie Super 8 today with the kids. The movie had great special effects; however, the best acting of the movie did not come from the adults, it came from the kids. The kids did an outstanding job, outshining their adult counterparts. The story about the ***** (don't want to spoil the movie), was a little disappointing; but the story surrounding the kids and their families was much better. I thought the movie would be better than what I expected it to be; still I give it a thumbs up, just not a "Super" thumbs up.

On a totally separate note: I have been busy looking for full/part-time work since mid December. I am on a list of people to call to fill in shifts at Starbucks, until a position opens up for me to work regular scheduled shifts again. I finished an in-service to become a sub for Mansfield ISD yesterday and should start substituting for them next week. There is a full-time Composite Social Studies teacher position open at one of their High Schools and I am on a list of teachers to be interviewed for that job. That particular school also is getting a new principal so the interviews will not start until the after the first of February. In the meantime I also interviewed for an Assistant Manager job at the local CineMark Theater. Will hear back from them later this week. So, my job searching hasn't been real "Super" either; however, it is looking up and maybe I will be busy working again soon.

Monday, January 23, 2012

An Updated Version of a Classic Disney Film

Yesterday, my family and I went to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast at the theater. This time the movie was in 3D. I could tell little difference between the original format and the new format; still this movie is a classic movie that deserved it's nomination for Best Motion Picture when it first debuted.

Is it just me, or does the prince look better as a best than he does as a human?