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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembering Those Who Served

I would like to formally thank all the Veterans of the United States Military who served their country faithfully during the best and worst of times.

I would like to especially thank a few veterans who have served in my family.

My Uncle, Quincy served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. His ship, the U.S.S. Detroit (I think), was sank out from under him. I believe he told me his ship fired the most rounds of any ship serving in the Navy during the entire Korean War.

My Uncle, William served as a U.S. Marine during the time of the Korean War, but never saw combat. He was subject to call up when the war ended. He still was willing to put his life on the line for his country.

My Uncle, George, "Tiny", served in the U.S. Marines during the Vietnam Conflict. He was drafted out of High School to serve in a war most Americans want to forget. He served just under a year before he was wounded in combat. He received the Purple Heart medal for his service to his country.

My Cousin, Cynthia, served in the U.S. Air Force during the first Gulf War, when the U.S. and other nations freed the nation of Kuwait from the occupying forces of Iraq. Although she served stateside, her reserve unit was instrumental in provided much needed support to the Air Force based they were called up to serve.

My Brother-in-Law, Phillip, also served in the U.S. Air Force. He, like myself, served near the end of the first Gulf War and retired before the start of the current War on Terrorism. Like my Uncle William, he never served in combat, but was willing to serve his country in time of war if called upon.

Because of the bravery of my Uncles, I joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 1989. Two years later, my Uncles Quincy and George pinned my gold bars onto my uniform as I was commissioned an officer.

Despite my service to my country, I used to be ashamed to stand with other veterans who served in combat. They nearly paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country, while I did my duty during a time of peace. One day a Veteran from my church caught me and told me, "Don't think for one minute you are not as important as those of us who served in combat. You signed on the dotted line and promised to lay down your life in defense of this nation just like the rest of us. Just be thankful you never had to do that." After that, I have have been proud to be included among those who served in our country's military.

Enjoy your freedoms? Then thank those who served to protect them!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hey Wal-Mart, Are You Skipping Thanksgiving?

I was in my local Wal-Mart yesterday and I heard Christmas music playing over their speakers. Christmas already? What about Thanksgiving? I know there is not a specific "Thanksgiving" music genre, but to already be killing our ears with Christmas music is a little premature in my opinion.

Now, I love the Christmas season, but too much Christmas music makes me grumpy instead of cheery. I'm sure Wal-Mart still has plenty of other musical selections to play until after Turkey Day right? They have an entire music department they could raid from.

No offense to the birth of Christ or Santa, but I would like to be thankful for my blessings God has given me first, before I engage in my generous (according to the economy) gift giving and the listening of Christmas music.