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Friday, May 22, 2009

I've Been So Busy I Haven't Been Able to Blog

It's been a crazy month of May for my family and me. 

I am still looking for full-time work after budget cuts cost me my former full-time job, back in April. I am working near full-time at Mardel Christian Stores; however, at just over minimum wage, it is just under half of what I was making per month at my last job. 

I have signed up to take an additional Teaching Certification in Math. I took a practice test today and only got 3 out of 30 correct. Oh yea, forgot to tell you I signed up to take a Math 8-12 Grade test. I didn't even understand the question on the questions concerning upper level Trigonometry and Calculus. Because of my poor showing I changed the test I am taking from Math 8-12 to Math 4-8. This only covers levels up to Algebra and Geometry with a hint of basic Trigonometry. I take the test in late June. Wish me luck. 

I have filled out applications for three school districts; Kilgore College, and at least 4 other places that are not education institutions. So far no takers except I do need to write an official letter of interest for the Kilgore Collge job and mail it to them. I will do that as soon as I finish this blog. 

My kids start their last week of the school year next week. They only go three days (not counting Monday -- Memorial Day) then it's Summer fun. Next year Caleb will be a Freshman in High School (is he really that old?) and Rachel will be a 7th Grader. We have already been given the speech about how we should join the Band Booster Club and support our Band students. The fun is just starting. 

I have also been feeling sick and puny a lot recently. I missed Monday because of an upset stomach and general aches and pains. Today, I went to work only to throw up in the customer bathroom. I hope it is not the Swine Flu. Today's illness I am going to blame on some bad food. I hope I am feeling better and back to work on Monday. I have tomorrow off anyway. 

I also need to make some major life-style changes. I have been watching my beautiful bride, Jamie, do a total nutritional/diet change over the past few weeks. She is healthier, and loosing some excess pounds she has been wanting to get rid of. I too need to take charge of my food addiction and change my life-style. Getting older is not easier and I need to take care of myself before my blood-pressure and cholesterol take care of me for good. 

Out of my recently posted list of movies I want to watch, I did watch Star Trek. It was good. I am interested to see what they do with the new time-line they established. Oops, did I ruin the plot?