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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm Singing, I'm in an Outback and I'm Singing!

The Longview Wellness Center, my place of employment, is having their annual Christmas party tomorrow. They are providing a nice spread at Outback Steakhouse! I chose the ribs!

We are also doing a gift exchange. With about 80+ people, this should be fun.

They are also doing a Longview Wellness Center Idol Contest. At first I thought, there is no way they can make me sing, but then I found out there is a $100.00 cash prize and there were only 3 other people signed up. So I became the fourth Idol contestant. Hey, I think embarrassing myself is worth it for a 1 in 4 chance to win some cash. I am singing a song that I wrote, a cappella style. Maybe I will get points for bravery, by singing without the music?

I will let you know how I fared just as soon as I can. I know you can't wait to see if I become a star or not! (NOT!)

Update: Dec. 12, 2008 -- I finished 3rd out of 6 contestants! No prize for 3rd Place though. : (

Monday, December 8, 2008

Talk About Some Big Hair

Shortly before Thanksgiving, my daughter's science teacher, Mr. Haney, did an experiment with static electricity. Apparently Rachel's hair reacted just the way he wanted it to when she touched the big static electric ball. See for yourself. Cute!

That's my girl!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bye, Bye, BRATZ

There is celebrating in the streets in my neighborhood; well at least in my house. A federal judge has ordered MGA Entertainment to cease making the BRATZ line of dolls. Those big pouty lip, dolls that dress like "hookers" are going to be gone off the shelf after the New Year.

It seems MGA Entertainment ticked off Barbie's manufacturers, Mattel, by breaking some sort of copyright infringement. I guess you don't want to make Barbie mad! All BRATZ lines are to pulled off the shelf. This includes, Baby BRATZ, and their stupid little BRATZ Pets. I hope this includes all video games as well.

I was opposed to BRATZ from the beginning because I felt it encouraged a life-style that I did not approve of, that included the way they dressed. Plus they just gave me the creeps with those big ugly eyes and all. Freaky!