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Thursday, August 14, 2008

My "Ghostly" Encounter

Yesterday (Wednesday), my supervisor and I went to Palestine, TX, which is the county seat of Anderson County. We were making a presentation of our Twogether in Texas program to the County Clerk and her staff. The meeting took place in one of the records rooms in the rear of her office. In one corner of the room was a "closet" of sorts that had a large door, that used to be the door of an old safe. Inside the closet was a small refrigerator a mirror and a sink. There were no other doors in or out of this little room.

While my colleague was making the presentation to the County Clerk staff, I was standing in the doorway to this little closet. About half-way through the presentation, I felt a tap on my left shoulder, and I heard a masculine voice say, "Excuse me." Of course, in an attempt to be polite I said, "Sure" and I turned slightly to my left and started to move out the way to let the "person" out of the closet. I thought I saw an image of a man wearing a white shirt and a dark hair in the mirror. As I moved I realized there was no one in the closet or anywhere behind me.

Two of the ladies who were listening to the presentation saw me move away from the door and heard me say, "Sure." Of course I turned a little pale and I moved across the room to get away from the door.

After our presentation, I asked if the Court House was haunted. I was told by the County Clerk, that some county prisoners had died building the spiral staircase in the court house and some people have seen these prisoners from time to time, as well as hearing children in the building after the hours the court house has closed for the day.

Creepy! The photo is the exterior of the Anderson County, Texas Court House located in Palestine, TX.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Gators and Me

My family and I made it back from our last summer outing of the year. Going back to work was tough. We enjoyed spending time together as a family. The best part of our vacation, in my opinion was Gators and Friends. This little "hole in the wall" place was like visiting a small exotic zoo. Of course they had alligators, but they also had llamas, kangaroos, camels, ostriches, mountain goats, and a few other animals you could hand feed. We had a great time! I even got to hold an alligator. Rachel was just content to watch!