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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Josh Hamilton Shouldn't Have to Apologize to Anyone!

   Yesterday, Texas Rangers outfielder, Josh Hamilton addressed the media about his recent struggle with alcohol. I don't know why Josh has to apologize to anyone. He admits he has a problem and this is just part of dealing with it. Many other athletes have done the same thing or far worse and never answer to anyone. The only reason Josh feels he needs to apologize is that he is at least trying to put forth a good image towards others and honor his God in doing so. He is just being honest about his struggles. I admire that, but why do others make such a big deal about it. He has never admitted to being perfect. 

To find out more about Josh's story, go to iamsecond to listen. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Favorite Movie of All Time, Turns 50!

My favorite movie of all time turns 50 years old this year. Obviously I was not around when it first debuted in theaters, but this movie has impacted me in so many different ways. It taught me that a true "Hero" does not have to have super powers or a lot of money. A Hero just has to have a good moral character and the determination to do what is right, necessary and just when it needs to be done. The book upon which this movie was based, just also happens to be my favorite book.

This book/movie confronts man's faulty view of others due to race, poverty, single parenthood and mental disability and teaches us that just because your skin color is different, you have no money, you have a weirdness about you, or you happen to be a single parent, you still have the right to be treated with dignity, respect, justice and compassion. The names Atticus, Jem and Jean Louise "Scout" Finch, Tom Robinson, Arthur "Boo" Radley and Bob and Mayella Ewell will forever be etched into my memory.

"Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your Father's passin'."

Happy 50th Anniversary to To Kill A Mockingbird!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm Ready for some Baseball, Ranger Style!

With just a few more days until the start of Spring Training: I am ready for some baseball. I don't watch football much any more, and I am not a big fan of basketball at all. Hockey doesn't interest me, neither does NASCAR, so I'm ready for some Texas Rangers baseball.

I am excited about the new season. It will be interesting to see how Neftali Feliz and Yu Darvish will fit into the rotation. Can Colby Lewis keep the ball in the park and can Matt Harrison and Derek Holland improve on their best seasons yet?

I am hoping Joe Nathan returns to form in the bullpen and that Scott Feldman, Alexi Orgando, Mark LoweMike Adams and the others have great seasons as well.

Can Mitch Moreland recover from injury enough to help us forget we even thought about signing Prince Fielder? To help with that question we still need team leader, Michael Young to play like the true Hall of Famer I believe him to be. If Mike Napoli and Adrian Beltre play like they did last year then I will be very happy. Now that Ian Kinsler is 100% healthy he should be an even better lead off hitter. Elvis Andrus need to improve on his defense to make me feel better about him.

If we can keep Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz healthy the entire season, we will have an outfield to be reckoned with. I love David Murphy as our "super outfielder" and Craig Gentry should mature into a more complete center fielder this year.

Under the capable leadership of Manager: Ron Washington, Pitching Coach: Mike Maddux, and the rest of the coaching staff, the Rangers should beat out division rivals the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, again at least this year, to win the division again and hopefully make another trip to the World Series. Win it this time!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Former Student the next American Idol?

A former student of mine, Laura Lee Bishop, is going to Hollywood as one of the new contestants on American Idol. This clip shows her talking about her inspirations and hopes as a singer. I wish her well and be watching her take the title of 2012 American Idol. (In case you read this Laura; I hope using your picture was ok!)

She is not the only former student to be somewhat successful; Three years ago another former Manuel Johnson was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and played in a couple of games for them before being cut at the end of the 2010 season. I am no longer a fan of the Cowboys. Manuel was one my best students and I am sure he will be more than successful even if he never plays another professional game.

I have several former students who have followed in my footsteps and are now Teachers and others who are Youth Ministers, Lawyers, and other professionals. I am proud of almost all my former students, even if I did not mention you by name.

(Update: Feb. 18, 2012 -- Just found out, officially, that Laura did not advance to Las Vegas from "Hollywood Week." I still think she is better than some of those that did advance!)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Things are a Little Bit Fuzzy Right Now!

Friday afternoon I was out and about with my beautiful bride, Jamie, when we decided to eat some lunch at Schlotzsky's. After spending some quality time with Jamie, I went to clean my glasses and "snap" I broke them in half, very much like the picture shown. This was my only pair that I had. My prescription was old, and I could not find a place that had any frames they could put my lenses into. So we had to get my a quick eye appointment and order a new pair of glasses, that should be in later this week.

In the meantime; things  are a little fuzzy. I can see well enough to function, but I cannot read anything and watching TV gives me a headache after a little while. I have taped my old paid together, but wearing them for any length of time, also gives me a headache. They are so loosely tapped together that they don't fit my face well, which makes things "wonky!"  So I am at the mercy of my son driving me around and my family reading for me until my new glasses come in. It's gonna be a blurry week.