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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jeff Dunham in Concert

My lovely Bride, Jamie, and I are going to see comedian Jeff Dunham. Jeff is famous for his ventriloquism acts. He will be in concert in Tyler, TX this Saturday night (May 10) at the famous Oil Palace. Accompanying us will be my wife's sister, Susie, and her hubby, Phillip. Their daughter will be watching the kids for us. We hope to have a great time!

If we get to take pictures I might post a few! I will have to let you know how the show went on Mother's Day.

By the way -- Did you know that no matter how many "o's" you put in the word google for www.google.com you will be taken to the Google web-site?

A Little Cartoon Forgivness Please

The local Christian radio station, KVNE, has a day of the week where kids can call in their favorite songs from 7:00-8:00 a.m. It is called, "Loving Kids Thursday." One of the most requested songs is The Cartoon Song by Chris Rice (click here for lyrics). In this song Chris Rice sings about the hypothetical world in which Cartoons could by saved by Jesus and their different and unique ways of singing "Hallelujah!" in celebration. However fun this song is, I have grown disturbed by one of the lines of the song.

The lines talk about the MTV created cartoon characters Beavis and Butthead. According to the Cartoon Song, when it comes to these two very immoral characters, they do not get a chance to sing "Hallelujah" because they are not "saved." Now, I hate the B&B cartoon show as much as anyone, but to not allow the grace of Jesus to cover them is a travesty. These two fellows deserve the grace of God more than many of the other cartoon characters mentioned in the song. If God's grace is not big enough for Beavis and Butthead, then what makes us think it is big enough for us?

I would love to hear an updated version of the song, in which Beavis and "that other guy" realized they too have been granted grace by Jesus, and they get to sing "Hallelujah, He.He.He.He" (that's supposed to be a laugh). I may not be as destructive or bizarre as B&B, but I too plan to laugh my head off when I get to Heaven; not because it is funny, but because it will just be so unbelievable that God chose to love me. I hope I get to sing "Hallelujah" with many other B&B types in Heaven, not just "all those little blue guys."

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Movie Review: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

I just finished watching the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. This movie made by Ben Stein shows how the beliefs of "Intelligent Design" and "Creationism" are being suppressed by the scientific community as being equal scientific theories along with "Darwinism" and "Evolution." It is not a movie that show Religion vs. Science. It is more of a argument that Free Speech is being denied to a group of people who believe something other than what "main-stream" America wants them to believe.

He presents compelling arguments and documented proof that notable scientists are being dismissed from their jobs and "blacklisted" by the mainstream scientific community for even mentioning that Intelligent Design could be a possible answer for many scientific unknowns.

Mr. Stein then goes on to show the possible ramifications of this continued oppression of freedom of speech. He shows how it is possible that by neglecting to even allow Intelligent Design. or Creationism, to be taught could possible lead to the oppression of other ideas and freedoms that the main stream of society could consider "dangerous" or "oppressive." He compares this oppression to how the East Germans, lead by Soviet Russia, built the Berlin Wall to keep out certain ideas and beliefs that they did not like.

He then goes on to show how blind, or misunderstood, beliefs in Darwinism and Evolution has lead to horrible acts of violence and oppression by groups of people like the Nazis against such groups as the Jews and the mentally or physically handicapped. He states that this is also the reason why so many people today are impartial to such acts as abortion or euthanasia.

Ben Stein, along with many notable scientist believe that God and Science can exist without the suppression of the other. In fact both together allows one to become a better scientist in general.

Don't just take my word for all of this. Watch the movie for yourself and make up your own mind. Another movie that follows this theme is called The Case for a Creator, where journalist, Lee Strobel goes on his own quest to separate fact from fiction in regards to Evolution and Creationism.