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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two Blogs for the Price of One

How often do you hear the ads on television say buy one get one free?, or two for the price of one? Well, today is your lucky (or unlucky) day to get two blogs for the price of one.

Blog 1 -- Am I a good teacher or just a great presenter of information?

Many times I have wondered if I am a good teacher or not. I have always claimed, "I am not a great teacher, just a good one." Is that really true? After doing much soul searching and honest looking at my teaching methods and style, I have come to the conclusion that I am a better than average teacher who just happens to be a great presenter of information.

A good (or great teacher) takes the time to make sure their students truly comprehend what is expected of them and that they are able to perform that task well. Surprisingly I have found that I do not always do that. I present the information to my students in such a way that is easy to understand and easy to duplicate. If they have questions I will answer them. My weakness lies in the fact I rarely follow up to see if my students have actually grasp the "concept" of what they are being taught. I tend to throw information out there and leave them to struggle to find meaning behind what they have been given.

I have found that the best subject I teach is Math! (What a surprise considering I barely passed High School Algebra and Geometry.) My knowledge of Social Studies, History and Government far outweighs my knowledge of Math, but I have found I don't really teach those subjects; I just present them with my knowledge and move along. I have found that when I teach Math, I actually slow down and make sure they grasp the concept of what they are doing and why. I provide more examples and follow up on how they are doing in Math, more than I do any other subject I teach. You would think with my big History brain, that my students would think that was best subject. After surveying my students, they feel they learn more in Math than anything else. Maybe it's because I once struggled as they are struggling now, and I empathize with them more?

Simple knowledge of a subject does not a great teacher make. It's the ability to truly teach a concept to full understanding that does. It's a lesson this teacher still needs to learn himself.

Blog 2 -- Will the Democrats make up their mind already?

It seems after the recent victory of Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania, that the Democrats are still having a hard time deciding who their presidential nominee will be. Barack Obama still leads in pledged delegates, but Hillary leads in the super delegate count. Sen. Clinton seems to win the bigger states (great for Electoral College votes), but Obama seems to win among the average Joe's. (which could also come into play in some of the smaller, yet still important, Electoral States). I just wish they would make up their minds already. They had better stop the in-fighting soon or the public may just get so fed up with them, they would rather vote for John McCain. After all he's about a Democrat as a Republican can get isn't he?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Way to Go Buckeyes, Way to Go!

It's not often that I want to or get a chance to brag on my old high school Alma Mater! Today I get the chance to do just that.

My old high school is Gilmer High School, home of the mighty Buckeyes!
Gilmer ISD is one of only two schools in the nation with Buckeyes as their mascot; the other being Ohio State University. I honor our old school colors of orange and black by assigning these colors to today's blog. I graduated from Gilmer High School in 1985. I even got a job as a teacher there from 1998-2007, teaching grades 6-8, in the fine academic arts of World Social Studies, Texas History, and U.S. History- from Colonization to Reconstruction.

Today my old school made me proud. The Gilmer ISD School Board passed a measure that allows
Gilmer High School to teach an elective Bible course as part of its curriculum. Wow! The students would have to pay a tuition to take the course and the course would be taught at night. The curriculum will focus on the literary and historical aspects of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

What allowed Gilmer ISD to be able to add such a course to their curriculum? Apparently the Texas State Legislature deserves some credit... according to the linked article above..."The 80th Texas Legislature in 2007 passed House Bill 27, which allowed school districts to teach an elective class on the Old and New Testaments and their impact on history and literature. Another Wow!

Way to Go Buckeyes, Way to Go! -- Actually it should be, Way to God, Way to Go!

YTB International

In a couple of past blogs I have mentioned that my wife and I have considered starting a new home-based business. We would be joining a company called...YTB International. This company is considered to be a fast growing online travel agency that functions through a variety of individual licenced travel agents who work from home through their own web-sites. In other language this is a multi-level marketing, travel agency type company. For a brief introduction to YTB International (click here)

My wife and I have a blogger acquaintance who is a YTB agent. They have offered to help us in any way to succeed in this business. They have been very honest with us about their involvement with YTB (at least I hope so!). I am willing to to my part to help make this new venture succeed. The rest I have to turn over to God.

We are well aware of the risks involved in being a part of a multi-level company, and we may be ready to take the risks. I have researched the company on line and with the Better Business Bureau and have found that the positive comments far out-weigh any negative comments.

Please pray (as we have been) that God blesses as we consider this new adventure in our lives. Who knows maybe you will be able to book your next vacation through our new travel site?