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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Missing God

During the past few days, I have been trying my best to prioritize a few things. I have made time to fill out job applications. I have made time to focus on my health/physical fitness. I have even made more time to spend with my family; however, I have failed to make time to spend with my Father. You would think I would make time to spend with my Creator, the God of all the Universe, but I have not.

Before I took my current job, I read my Bible, spent time in prayer, and in devotion with God. Now, I barely read what I need to help teach my daughter's Sunday School class. I miss my God. I miss spending time trying to stay in touch with the Holy Spirit and conversing with Jesus. I do pray every morning, but I have yet to make a specific time to read His Words. I am a little lost without my Guiding Light.

I know God is there, even if I don't see Him. I just want to spend about three days refocusing myself to do His will and seek His direction for me in my life. When is the next holiday break?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Return of Meerkat Manor

Sunday I was scanning through our plethora of DISH Network channels and I came across a most pleasant surprise on Animal Planet. Meerkat Manor is returning to the air-waves on June 6th. I love this show. The show will now be called Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation. Sean Aston, the host for seasons 1-3 will not be returning, instead the new host will be Stockard Channing. I will miss Aston's voice, but I'm sure Ms. Channing will fill in quite nicely.

If you go to the Meerkat Manor web-site you can
answer trivia questions and play games, catch up on past and future episodes, view pictures of the meerkats, and even find a zoo near you that has meerkats in their exhibits. Recently The Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, TX just added meerkats to their family of animals.

My family and I are anxiously awaiting the return of the Meerkats. Who will unite the Whiskers? I can't wait to find out.

Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Krystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Krystal Skull was an adequate sequel to the first the films. It had its moments of action, humor, adventure and treasure seeking. It even had a few "surprise" relationship twists in the film. However I cannot give this movie the excellent review I would have loved to give it. Shia LaBeouf did a great job as Mutt Williams, and Karen Allen's return as Marion Ravenwood was a good site to see. Harrison Ford once again did an excellent job as Indiana Jones, but his age was starting to show.

My son, Caleb, and I went to see the movie this past Saturday. We both came away a little disappointed. The fact that the movie was a little to Science Fiction left us with a bad taste in our mouths. We expected the intrigue and the historical treasure hunting, but not ****SPOILER**** Inter-dimensional Aliens. It left us feeling bewildered that Lucas and Spielberg would have let the series move in this direction. The addition of the Soviet Russians was a nice twist, but they had better "bad guys" in the other films.

Overall - I would rate the film 3 out of 5 Stars just because it is Indiana Jones after all.