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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Story of Us

Yesterday I watched one of my favorite movies...The Story of Us! It is a great movie about marriage. What I like most about the movie is that it presents a fairly accurate account of how a marriage really is. It is full of changes, disagreements, arguments, tears, occasional yelling, kids, and temptations. But it is also full of happiness, growing, sex, children, family and laughs. It's the, "You never listen to me!", "You haven't grown up!", "You won't let things go!", "Your just like your mother!" And it's the "I Love You!", "I'm sorry!", "You make me happy!" and the who's gonna go put the tooth fairy money under the pillow! Marriage is not easy!

Like many marriages both sides sometimes feel that the negatives far outweigh the positives in our relationships. We began to wonder if it is worth the struggle to "make things work" and we start to wonder if we would be better off separating or even getting divorced. We wonder how it would affect the lives of our children. If we continue to listen to these lies and stay focused on the negatives, we will sacrifice all we have worked for and give up!

I hope, however, that we choose to stick it out! Not just for the kids, but for US. I hope we can see that despite the struggles their is a growing and changing relationship that God has put together. I hope that we can look past the arguments and learn forgiveness, love and respect. I hope that we, like the characters in the movie, choose "Chow Funs"! Watch the movie.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Harry Potter and The Deathly Flea Dip

OK, so the title is a bad play on words, but it fits the blog.

I finally finished reading the last Harry Potter book yesterday. Good book and a good series. I was satisfied with the ending. I don't want to write to much in case some one reads this and I spoil the ending. I have enjoyed reading all the Harry Potter books and I have enjoyed the movie versions of them as well.

As far as the deathly flea dip...I purchased a package of Sergants Gold Squeeze-On Flea Control for our family dog. I followed the directions carefully and applied the product. Within 4 hours our dog was acting very strange. His head would involuntarily twitch and shake, one of his back legs did the same, and then he started wheezing when he breathed. I looked the product up on the Internet to see if anyone else had this problem. I found several sites telling me that their pets almost died after using this product and some small animals, especially cats, did die. I called the 1-800 emergency number on the back of the package and talked to someone who told me to wash the product off and give my dog Benadryl. The next morning our dog was still twitching, despite the baths and Benadryl. I called the 1-800 number for customer service on the back of the package and this time reported the product to the Sergeant's Company. They told me to take our dog to the vet and have him checked out in case their was a dangerous reaction to their product. I took our dog to the vet, and the vet told me that they get reports frequently about the squeeze on flea products (not just Sergeant's), except for Frontline products. The squeeze on products can have adverse affects on small pets' nervous systems, that can sometimes be deadly. The vet proceeded to give our dog a muscle relaxer and doggy Valium to try and calm his nerves. If the shaking does not stop after the weekend, the vet will do a blood test to see if she can narrow down the problem further.

What a scare! My kids are gone for the week and I almost kill our dog with a bad product. What really makes me mad about this is that the Sergeant's company did not even put warnings on the package telling the symptoms of negative reactions to their products on pets. It does say if their is a negative reaction to wash off the product immediately. That's it! No warnings about shaking, wheezing, nerve damage or possible death. I am not a suing man, but if our dog dies, I will expect Sergeant's to pay. Not only is our dog just an investment of money, but he is also a family member. Be warned, DO NOT USE SQUEEZE ON FLEA CONTROL PRODUCTS, UNLESS THEY ARE APPROVED BY YOUR VET! THEY COULD KILL YOU PET!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thank You!

Thank You, Oh Lord! Thank You for my new job! I prayed to You and you have answered me. I put my trust in You and you have not failed me. I prayed for a job that I was qualified for, and You provided one for me. I prayed for a job that I could be passionate about and I was told by my new employers that I would "love" this job. I prayed that "if" there was any weakness I might have that would hinder my job, that You would provide a way to overcome those weaknesses. My new employers have bent over backwards to assure me that any weaknesses I have expressed to them, they would help me get the training and help I need to grow in those areas. I prayed that I could be a servant for You and fulfill my desire to do missions for You. My supervisors have told me they have always felt that what they do is a mission to them, and that I would feel the same way. I prayed that You would find me a good job by August 15th, and I am starting August 1st! Thank You! I give Glory to You, My God, I will be your humble servant.

As your servant, I ask my LORD for one more thing; keep me from listening to and believing the lies that are already pouring into my head. Lies that are making me question my abilities and talents, that You have granted me. Lies that are telling me, I will not succeed, that the job does not pay enough. Lies that tell me I am making a mistake. Help me to believe and focus on the truth that You, my God, are in control and that You are taking care of me and my family. Help me to trust that You will continue to keep Your promises.

I am Yours! I am a servant of Jesus Christ, empowered by Your Holy Spirit. I give You the glory for my abilities and my new job. I will not listen to the lies. Thank You! Thank You!

Adult Entertainment? I Don't Think So!

About a week ago I watched a new show on the Game Show Channel called, Without Prejudice. During the show their was a contestant who was involved in what he referred to as, "the adult entertainment industry." The host of the show also and at least a couple of the panel members also called this contestant's occupation as working in "adult entertainment." Only two members of the panel actually called this contestant's occupation for what it really was, "PORNOGRAPHIC FILMS." What the world wishes us to believe is "Adult Entertainment", the LORD our God and the truth calls it Pornography.

How in the world does a Christian and a follower of God, come to believe that seeing other people perform naked, have sex, or perform sexual acts with multiple partners as "adult" entertainment? Yes, these acts are mostly performed by adults, and yes they are mostly performed by consenting adults, but these acts are were not designed by God to be used in such an unholy manner. Sex was designed by God to be within the guidelines of marriage, and not to be engaged in with whom ever and when ever we feel the urge to do so.

It seems to me that the producers, directors, "actors" and sellers of these types of movies are all acting like immature children who can't control themselves. They are certainly not acting like mature adults. They are acting like teenagers who wish to be treated like adults based upon the fact they can and want to have sex with someone. They believe they are enhancing or encouraging healthy sexual behavior, when in fact they are acting like animals that cannot control themselves. This industry should be called the "immature, stupid, immoral and unhealthy" industry or what it truly is, PORNOGRAPHY.

Pornography is not healthy and should not be entertaining at all. "Actors" in these types of films have admittedly had sex with hundreds of partners. Tell me how this is healthy? Not only should the actors be concerned about STD's, but they should also be concerned about the addicting sinful behavior they are participating in and how it affects others. In study after study, pornography has been a common link among, child molesters, rapists, sexual addictions, and other unhealthy or deviant sexual behaviors. How can this be even considered "entertainment" at all? I know it isn't! It is sinful and harmful to our culture. It should be stopped. Unfortunately it is a protected and supposedly monitored industry by the very government that is sworn to protect us. With billions of people around the world profiting off others addictions to this industry, it doesn't seem like it will be stopped soon.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Morning Bible Study & A Wonderful Wife

Every day for the past month I have gotten up before everyone else and read my Bible and meditate on the words of my God. Afterwards, I would read a section of a book about how to strengthen my relationship with God, improve my marriage, be a better parent or become a better man. Then, I would journal or blog about what I have read and spend a few minutes in prayer.

I have been trying to get my son to join me in the mornings, but so far he is still a little more interested in video games to remain focused. My daughter is a little young to get up so early yet, but I plan on starting to read Bible stories to both my children at night before reading any other night-time books. I have always felt it was important to teach my children about their Creator and their God and their savior Jesus, I just need to make that a larger part of our time together.

My wife has always read her Bible separate from me and we pray together sometimes. However, the following two mornings I have had a surprise! My beautiful wife has joined me in reading the Bible. We were reading different sections of the Bible, but we were sharing our mornings together with God. We even held hands to pray! It felt so good for her to be there and share the moment with me. I love my wife. I hope we can continue this together.

Proverbs 31 speaks about the Wife of Noble Character. My wife has a very noble character! She is a valuable part of my life, my best friend, and a great spiritual helper. She is a great mother to my children. I love spending time with her and she gives good advice. (If only I would listen a little more!) As Proverbs 31:10-11 says, "She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value." I love my wife and I love the great and wonderful God who blessed me with her.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Baseball, A Great God, A Dumb Movie, Superman, Almost 5 Pull-Ups, and 26 Miles

It's been a fun mini-vacation. My family and I got to spend some quality time together over the past few days! Day 1: The kids and I got in some relaxing swim time at the hotel we stayed at while my wife was at her training with work. That evening we saw the Texas Rangers loose their baseball game to the Cleveland Indians. That sucked, but I did enjoy the time with my wife and kids. The kids went home from the Ranger game with their cousins leaving my wife and I alone for the night, and leaving me alone for the next day. Day 2: The next day, while my wife at her second and last day of training, I cruised the local used books stores looking for copies of books that I have been looking for. I found a copy of the number one book on my list and I was set for the day. Yes, reading is a good way to pass the time while I am alone. That afternoon I got a call regarding my most recent job interview to work at a local college. They wanted to set up a second interview for Monday. Ahhh! I have been called to jury duty for that day. The college so wanted to at least talk to me again, they were willing to look past the jury duty and they told me to call them when I got finished possibly serving on the jury. Cool! God is keeping His promise to help find me find a job! I have a Great God! That evening, reunited with our kids, we went to watch a movie with some family who lived in the area. It was a really dumb movie called Delta Farce (see updated 25 Dumbest Movie List). Despite being a dumb movie, I was actually somewhat impressed with the character played by Larry the Cable Guy. Day 3: Six Flags Over Texas! Despite scattered showers, we were able to ride several rides. I enjoyed riding Superman: Tower of Power. I overcame my fear of heights and had a great ride. Scared me to death, but it was fun! My daughter who hates "fast rides" rode The Mine Train roller coaster and loved it. My son rode the Shockwave with me and we all got we together on the Roaring Rapids. I had a great time with my wife and kids and other family members. Despite all the fun, it was a un-ride related event that stood out from the rest of the day. The U.S. Marines had this "event of sorts" where if you could do X amount of pull-ups/chin-ups you could win some prizes, such as dog-tags, t-shirts, etc... I figured, being ex-military, I could at least do the minimum 5 pull-ups to get a dog tag, so I got in line. When it came to my turn, I stepped up and did a whopping 2! Yes, 2! Not only that I hurt my wrist somehow and it hurts now to bend it. I felt so embarrassed. I am really out-of-shape! What was really bad was that my son did 5 pull-ups fairly easily. Yuck! At this point, I was determined that I had to do something to get into better shape. Day 4: Went to church services with my wife's family and ate at Jalapeno Tree! Yumm! Left the kids with their Aunt, Uncle and cousins for a week. Leaving my wife and I with some much needed bonding and alone time! On the drive home, my wife mentioned to me that she was thinking about starting a program she read on some one's blog about doing a Monthly Marathon, where you walk or jog, 26 miles in a month. You can do it all at once, NOT!, or spread the miles out over 30 days. This really appealed to me since I used to jog a lot in the college/Army days. I am going to do this, starting August 1st! I will let you know how it goes.
So this sums up our mini-vacation. Coming up for me -- job interview tomorrow, after jury duty, and pick up our copy of the last Harry Potter book.