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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ready for the Weekend!

I am so ready for this weekend. My family and I are going on our last little family outing of the summer. Saturday we plan on going to Water Town USA in Shreveport, Louisiana for a last effort at getting sunburned while swimming. We also plan to visit Gators and Friends near Shreveport on the way on Friday just to visit somewhere else family friendly.

As of now I am filling in my monthly schedule for my new job. Busy, Busy, Busy. Just the way I like it. A busy day makes the time go faster.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Training in Austin #1

I am currently on lunch break from my first training day in Austin. We are learning about a healthy marriage curriculum that can be used as part of our state grant. It has been fairly interesting and I plan on using some of the things I learn when I get home.

I didn't sleep very well last night. The beds at the OMNI Hotel are very comfortable, but I was missing the most important part of a good night's sleep: My wife Jamie. Pillows are OK to cuddle with, but they can' replace the feeling of your bride next to you.

I also forgot my bathing suit, so I can't swim in the nice pool. I guess I could swim naked, but I don't think I would still have my job after that.

I will let you know more about my training tomorrow.

On a different note: Some one finally came and took away the old couch from our yard. So all our "Garage Sale" stuff is finally gone.

On a different note: We should be having some people come and do some Lawn Care work on our yard. We finally got tired of being one of only two "brown" yards on our block. I watered it and fertilized it, but nothing seemed to grow, so now we are turning it over to professionals. It may take a little bit of our savings money, but I think it will be worth it.

I really miss my kids and Jamie and I can't wait to head home tomorrow evening.

Oh, by the way the Rangers beat the New York Yankees in dramatic fashion last night. Very Cool!