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Friday, December 11, 2009

Thoughts From ME!

Since "Thoughts From ME" is the name of my blog, I thought I would actually share what thoughts are actually going through my head...at least for the next few minutes anyway.

Even though I am currently running a fever (100 last time I had it checked) I am still trying to finish out the day as a substitute teacher for a history class. Sadly all I can think about is how I need to get the Christmas lights up when I get home.

I am moved by the generosity of my church, who left a message on my cell phone telling me they have a $300 check to help my family make it through the Christmas holidays. They know I am still looking for full-time work and they figured we could use a little boost to help since I can't sub at school while they are out on break.

I am wondering if the Texas Rangers will signed or trade for a better catcher to play for them next season. It seems they are at least working on improving the pitching, but will it be enough for my Rangers to win the division next year?

I am sad that several of the students I sub for have expressed that "Christianity (and other religions) are for people who are afraid of death and want something to believe in to give them hope." As for me I am a Christian and I do not fear death; anxious about it maybe, but I am not afraid. I wish they could know Jesus like I do, or even better.

I am sad that the television show Monk will no longer be with us. It was one my favorite shows. It did become a little predictable in the end; but, it was fun while it lasted.

I wish my wife was going to be home tonight. She is in Dallas at a training/conference and won't be home until tomorrow. I need someone to pamper me while I am sick and the kids shouldn't have to do that. Maybe the cat will?

I have been told the Principal at the Jr. High School at Pine Tree wants to interview at the end of the school year to replace a teacher who is going to retire. I think it is for a Texas History spot, but he can't say "officially" until the job is posted. Yeahh!

I wonder if anything good is coming on TV tonight?

Gotta go, my next class is about to start. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

I'm Still Here Somewhere!

Hello to the few folks who do read my blog. I have been lost for a while in the shuffle of trying to stay busy working and other family related activities. Here is a short recap of what is going on with me.

I am working as a substitute teacher for Pine Tree ISD in Longview. I am currently filling in for a teacher who has had some neck surgery and will not be back until after the Christmas break. That's good for me ($) but bad for the teacher. I am also still working part time at Mardel Christian books and Education. It seems I am mainly working weekends at this point, but maybe I will get some more hours in during the last minute Christmas shopping sprees. Other than that I have been staying busy around the house, putting up Christmas lights (gonna do that this afternoon), going to the kid's Christmas concerts or just keeping the cat out of the Christmas tree.

I may be on and off again until the end of the year, but I promise I will be back full-time after Christmas with new, interesting, fun and informational blogs. Until then "Have A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."