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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Going to Get the Kids

This afternoon after work, Jamie and I are heading back to Abilene, sans the kitty! (My Dad will watch Scout and Schnitzel for us while we are gone.) We are going to pick up the kids from ACU Leadership Camps. They have been at camp since Sunday and the camp ends Friday morning. Jamie and I are going to stay at a hotel tonight and start the drive back tomorrow with the kids.

I have missed Caleb and Rachel. I know that are having fun, but I also know that they miss us as well. I am very sure at least Rachel misses Schintzel and Scout.

Scout is starting to eat some solid foods, but only if you shove it into his mouth and hold it there. It seems he is having trouble, or choosing not to, licking up the water or grabbing food. He still wants to suckle everything. Instead of drinking water or formula out of a dish he will suck or bite the edges of the dish to try and suck the liquids up. I also have to put the harder foods into his mouth and hold it there until he sucks it down. At least he is eating something other than just formula.

Just to let you know, the recruiter position I applied for has been filled. I didn't even get a chance to interview for the position.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Family Update

The kids are safely off to their summer camps in Abilene. They normally have a great time there. They are both so big. As parents, we already miss them and can't wait to see them again on Friday. In the meantime, this gives Jamie and me a chance to really "work out" on Wii Fit.

Speaking of Jamie, she had some good news on her test results. The biopsy on her left breast turned out to be negative and nothing to be alarmed about. Thank you God for watching over my bride. She is now starting to make some plans to spruce up the house. She is discussing some new paint colors for the outside and the inside of the house. She plans on turning our "clunker" of a home into a real home yet.

Schnitzel is adjusting to his new "step-brother", Scout! Whenever the kitten cries out, he seems very concerned. He will walk over the little guy and sniff on him, occasionally lick him, or just hang around the general area until Scout quits making all the noise. So far, we don't detect any plans to eat the kitty while we are out.

Scout just returned from his first visit to the vet! Everything is normal for a kitten of 5 1/2 weeks. The vet got rid of the few fleas he had, and gave him some medicine to make sure he will be healthy enough for his first round of shots in a couple of weeks. We just have to keep feeding him formula and trying to get him to eat some softened cat food, since he is so small. I guess since we spent some money on the little guy, he will be here to stay.

As for me, I'm still job hunting to replace my current job, which ends on July 31. I just put in an application at a local hospital to be a recruiter. This person basically works in the Human Resources Department scheduling and interviewing possible new employees. Apparently hospitals have a lot of turnover in their "non-professional" staff.