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Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Family Member

Scout has arrived! Today my bride, Jamie, found her kitten. She wanted a girl kitty, but instead she ended up with a gray, boy, kitten. The kitten is 5 1/2 weeks old, and it was abandoned by its mother. We are feeding it a little kitten formula every hour and a half with a dropper. We are also about to try some softened crunchy cat food. We are also trying to get it to go "potty." The last time we put it in the litter box, it tried to eat some of the litter. ??? We were told to use a warm rag and gently rub its "butt" to try to get it to have a bowel movement. When the Vet opens on Monday, we will drop Scout off for a check up while we go to work. We will pick up Scout later that afternoon.

The kids are very happy with their new pet. The only bad thing about finding Scout now is that the kids go to summer camp tomorrow and they will be gone until next Saturday. We might take Scout with us to Abilene in a pet carrier. This way he won't be alone. Not sure where we will keep him while Jamie and I are at work though. We may keep him in the pet carrier while we are away, this will allow our dog Schnitzel and him to bond a little bit.

Schnitzel, our wiener dog, is not sure what to think about Scout. He keeps sniffing the little fellow and he growls whenever Scout cries his little kitty mews. At least Schnitzel is not eating Scout!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Job Hunt 2008 -- Update

My recent efforts to secure a new job have not yet produced fruit. I have applied for thee different school districts in the area and have looked for open positions in several areas outside of education. So far, zip, Nada, nothing! The only jobs outside of education that I find even remotely interesting or I am qualified for are, on-line survey taker or selling insurance. Selling insurance requires a lot of traveling around the area, that I currently cannot afford to do. The teaching jobs I have applied for have not yet called me for an interview. I know this process can take a while for schools, but I really want to know where I will be working at the end of July.

My wife and I have even considered looking into jobs in the Dallas metroplex area. Irving and some communities in Northern Dallas have nice school districts and communities to live in. The cost of living is higher though. Plus, our kids would have to start all over making new friends.

My only options are at this moment are to take two or more part-time jobs until something else comes along. I used to be a waiter and I did work some retail, so that's a start right? Will they hire a 41 year old guy to do that?

Keep praying that God works quickly! I still have faith.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Keeping the Faith despite the Economy's efforts to ruin our Summer!

Why does everyone want my money? I realize other people have to make a living but do they have to take my money that I need to feed my family and transport myself to work? This economy thing has got to pick itself up soon or my family will be living our version of a great depression.

Here are a few changes that have taken place in our home as a result of our slumping economy:

Gas Budget summer 2007: $200 for two vehicles
Gas Budget summer 2008: almost $400 plus.

Food Budget for summer 2007: About $85 per week.
Food Budget for summer 2008: Almost $150 per week. (Part of that is my son is finally growing and he is hungry.)

Clothing Budget for summer 2007: about $50.00 per month
Clothing Budget for summer 2008: Zero

We may even have to cut back on the kid's allowance. We are even thinking about cancelling our subscription to Netflix. We have definitely cut back on eating out and buying any unnecessary items.

We have cut back on our traveling. We have put-off once again a possible trip to Disney World in Florida. Instead we are going to a Texas Rangers baseball game, if we can afford the gas to get there. Now that school is out for the summer, my wife and I have started to car-pool to work whenever possible.

Our church contributions have gone from putting the money in the collection plate to help paying for Youth Group activities for our kids. (it's still church related right?) Much needed home repairs, such as fixing the ceiling in our kitchen, replacing an old roof, yard work and some painting have been put on permanent hold. This of course devalues our home.

It is during times like this that our family must fully rely on God (as we should do all the time). At least we have a home to live in. At least we can still buy groceries to feed our family. We still have clothes to wear even if they are a bit to small or are going out of style.

My family and I have been in bad shape before and God has always come through for us. When we thought we couldn't pay a bill, somehow an insurance check comes in the mail or a royalty check comes in because someone out there bought my book. Just this month, we we looking at falling short of our required budget to pay some bills. Yesterday, our first commission check from YTB Travel came in the mail. It wasn't much but it paid one of our bills. My wife's car insurance also was adjusted and we are paying $7.00 less now. Once again, it is not much, but it helps. God has always taken care of us when we needed it. So even though I may sin with a little worrying, I am not afraid. I just stand in amazement at my God.

We can blame the economy on rising gas prices or the outrageous debt Americans have placed themselves into, but the bottom line is...the economy may fail us but our God will not. He will always be there to protect His children. Have faith, that all will be well.